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Minimoog Model D goes into pop-up production

If you're tuned into the synth world, you may have felt a little ripple run through it this week. Moog Music has announced a pilot production run of the iconic Minimoog analog synthesizer, which hasn't been made for over 30 years. Units are being made at a special space at this year's Moogfest and will be available to buy at the event.Read More

USB cable lets you power your stomps with your phone

Thanks to a wealth of mobile music creation apps, it's never been easier to capture moments of inspiration while on the move. But if you're backpack rig includes real-world effects pedals, a portable amp or a mini synthesizer, the search for a wall outlet could seriously interfere with your creative process. Irish power solutions provider myVolts is looking to solve just such a dilemma with the Ripcord.Read More


Modular music stand is like a multitool for musicians

Described by its creators as a "Swiss Army Knife" for musicians, the Senstand multi-function music stand can be set to different heights and be transformed into instrument storage, a standing desk, drinks holder, accessory minder and more. The strap from the custom carry bag it collapses down into can even be used as a guitar strap for your guitar or bass.Read More

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Internet of Things wireless turntable allows for live remote listening

There's been something of a return to vinyl music listening of late, with the Recording Industry Association of America figures showing album revenues for last year of $416 million – a high that hasn't been seen since the end of the 1980s. Digital music, particularly streaming, still rules the roost of course, so it's no surprise that audio equipment manufacturers like Sony and Akai are catering to the modern enthusiast with digital and analog hybrids. Vowel-hating, US-based vinyl record subscription service Vnyl is taking a step further with a trntbl that ditches physical output connections for wireless audio streaming, while also catering for music-related social networking.Read More


Mini-coil pickup gives your tone a bigger bottom

Players looking to fatten a guitar's tone can opt for some signal massaging courtesy of stomp chains, slot a Submarine under the strings or break out the soldering iron and dial in A Little Thunder. Now there's another way. The mini-coils in the Rivet pickups shape a host guitar's tone with just good ol' magnets and wire. No batteries, no processing, no filtering. Just boosted lower end or more presence in the highs, depending on which model is installed.Read More


Simple MIDI synth squeezed into a USB plug

A few months after creating what was claimed to be the world's smallest MIDI synthesizer, which was smaller than the capsule at the end of a 5-pin DIN cable, a self-confessed MIDI lover and prolific electronics tinkerer has managed to cram a tone generating circuit into the black plastic frame inside a USB plug.Read More


Smart guitar previews connected hybrid future

For the most part, going on a guitar safari today is much like it was 40 or 50 years ago. The same body shapes occupy prime retail space, the same brands seem to demand the most attention from shop floor noodlers and the same technology rules the roost. Dig a little deeper and you'll not only see modern tech creeping into familiar-looking instruments, but you may also spot axes that embrace the brave new digital world. The Sensus guitar is said to be "a unique mix of acoustic tradition and state of the art technology," with the folks behind it going so far as to claim that it's the world's first smart guitar.Read More

Aircraft Feature

These boots were made for flying: A chat with France's very own jet-powered fly boy, Franky Zapata

On the last day of April we joined Zapata Racing in the south of France to witness an attempt to remain aloft for more than 280 meters and snatch the "farthest flight by hoverboard" record from Alexandru Duru. That record was pulverized when the Flyboard Air covered over 2 km in around seven minutes. We managed to grab a few words with a jubilant but quite exhausted Franky Zapata after his record-breaking flight.Read More


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