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Paul Best

— Home Entertainment

Belkin boosts HD streaming with Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit

As web viewing figures begin to put on serious weight, so grow the demands on households’ internet connections. Recent stats show that more than four in five people are watching more internet video than a year ago and the number of videos being viewed has ballooned 10-fold in a couple of years. But speed and bandwidth, which are critical to quality video streaming, remain issues. Belkin’s new Gigabit Powerline HD Starter Kit adapter is helping the challenge of delivering mass entertainment over the internet, achieving 1000Mbps using the home’s existing powerline network. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Dyson energy bracelet a good call

How many times has your cell phone run out of juice in the middle of an important call? Too many. A team of designers, however, thinks it may have come up with a way of generating enough electricity to jolt your cell phone’s dead battery back to life to finish that all-important call – an energy bracelet that uses body heat and ambient temperature. Read More
— Telecommunications

Archerfish mobile video surveillance sees what you want to see

We’re both a watched and watchful society. In spite of the Big Brother overtones, the reality is many like the comfort and sense of secureness that video surveillance brings. And where would reality TV be without security cameras posted on just about every street corner. In a similar fashion, the Archerfish Mobile Video Intelligence surveillance system empowers us to keep a close eye – some might say, spy – on what we value whether it’s our kids, home, business. The difference with the Archerfish system is that alerts you only when you decide something’s up. Read More
— Sports

Pool-Mate goes stroke for stroke with swimming's best

For swimmers and triathletes in training or racing, keeping a tab on laps is tedious, but also it can be easy to lose track at times, especially as you tire. Plus there are frankly better things to think about while you’re working out in the pool. British company Swimovate has come up with a swimming computer, worn like a wristwatch, which takes the mental work out of keeping a lap count. But being a smart bit of tech, the Pool-Mate does a heap more besides. Read More