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Mobile Technology

Never forget that all important cord with the flipSYNC USB keychain

One definition of the word frustrating is realizing you don’t have the right cord for the right job when you need it most - whether it be for an iPod, iPhone or one of the multitude of mobile devices that connect via USB. Presenting a simple yet effective solution to that particular problem is the Scosche flipSYNC, a keychain USB and sync cable about the size of a car alarm remote control.Read More


GUSS autonomous vehicles headed for RIMPAC wargames in Hawaii

Having placed third in the prestigious DARPA Urban Challenge in 2007, engineering students from Virginia Tech have returned to the forefront of autonomous vehicle development by designing and building four GUSS (Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate) vehicles. Able to carry 1800 lbs and designed to resupply and evacuate troops in the field as well as reduce the load carried by them, the vehicles are due to make their debut at the impending 2010 Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC)war games in Hawaii. Read More


Highly efficient 'nanocoax' solar cell inspired by coaxial cable

Traditionally, the goal of high power conversion efficiency in thin film solar cells has been compromised by opposing optical and electrical constraints – while a cell needs to be thick enough to absorb adequate amounts of light, it must also be thin enough for the extraction of current. Rising to this “thick and thin” challenge, researchers at Boston College have designed a nanoscale solar cell based on the age-old technology that created the coaxial cable, promising a higher conversion efficiency than any thin film solar cell yet seen. Read More


Google goes 3D with launch of ANGLE graphics driver project

Google has launched a new open-source project for its Chrome browser that will enhance 3D graphics rendering capabilities without the need for users to download additional drivers. Dubbed ANGLE (Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine), the project aims to allow Windows users to run WebGL content without having the traditionally necessary OpenGL drivers installed. Read More
Mobile Technology

The Gresso luxury mobile phone customization experience

Not content with being the purveyor of the likes of gold and diamond encrusted mobile phones and USB flash drives, luxury manufacturer Gresso has announced what it claims to be the world’s first mobile phone customization experience. By way of an online “boutique”, the company offers its clientele the choice of almost 40 combinations of titanium, steel and leather – with a starting price of US$2200. Read More


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