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First ride: 2015 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Dragster, Dragster RR and Turismo Veloce

With a new range of 800cc 3-cylinder motorcycles that focus on real-world fun and road riding, it seems MV Agusta is ready to step down from its lofty historic perch, roll up the sleeves and get busy competing in a number of segments. At an Australian launch event, we had the chance to ride the bare-knuckle Dragster 800, the supermodel Dragster RR and the impressively practical Turismo Veloce.Read More

Holiday Destinations Feature

Extreme Bike Tours: Traveling Western Mongolia on Royal Enfield motorcycles

Western Mongolia: one of the most sparsely populated areas on the planet. Unrelenting in its beauty and its harshness, it warps your sense of distance and scale, and redefines your concept of isolation and remoteness. And yet, it's teeming with life, from the thousands of wild and herd animals we cross paths with each day, to the omnipresent nomadic herders whose stark white yurts dot the landscape. Loz Blain spends two unforgettable weeks on the Mongolian steppe with a battered Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle, as a guest of Extreme Bike Tours.Read More


Gary Rothwell nudges 210 mph to break world wheelie record

From the world's fastest jet-powered shopping trolley to the world's fastest motorized shed, records were falling left and right last weekend at the final Straightliners Top Speed event of the year in the UK. Britain's Gary Rothwell took the opportunity to have another stab at the high-speed wheelie category. Disappointed that he failed to break the world record last month, Rothwell piloted his 540-horsepower turbocharged Hayabusa to a ridiculous 209.822 mph on the back wheel for over one kilometer to smash the previous record and set a sky-high mark for next year's contenders.Read More

Marine Review

Video: Underwater flight in the DeepFlight Dragon

In our latest review video, Loz scoots over to Lake Tahoe, California, where the Deepflight team is testing its new personal submersible. Shaped like Speed Racer's Mach 5, the Deepflight Dragon is actually an upside-down manned quadcopter capable of going 400 feet (122 m) underwater – and Deepflight claims it's so easy to fly that any fool can do it, even though it's not finished yet. We'll see about that!Read More

Marine Feature

DeepFlight Dragon review: The awesome underwater quadcopter anyone can drive

When you get an opportunity to go fly a 1.5 million dollar electric personal submarine that looks like a Formula One car, but operates like a quadcopter in reverse, on beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, damnit you take that opportunity. Even when you're ten pounds heavier than the maximum weight it's designed to handle. Even when the sub's stabilization software isn't finished yet and the team is still in preliminary testing. Gizmag joins pioneering submarine engineer Graham Hawkes to drive the Deepflight Dragon, a submarine so idiot-proof even Loz Blain can drive it.Read More


Immortus solar sports car to offer unlimited range on sunny days

If you’ve ever scanned the comments section on an electric car or bike article, you’ll be familiar with this complaint: "that’s not green, it’s just a coal-powered vehicle." Well, not this one. The Immortus is an electric car built to generate its own power through some 7 sq m (75 sq ft) of solar photovoltaic paneling. You can charge its battery off the mains if you have to, but if conditions are sunny, the inbuilt solar panels alone will let you drive at more than 60 km/h (37 mph) for an unlimited distance.Read More


e-raw electric moto pushes the boundaries of traditional motorcycle design

The electric bike segment must be such an exciting opportunity for budding motorcycle designers. Instead of making window dressing for an increasingly complex combustion engine, you're dealing with an incredibly simple, compact motor and a flexibly shaped battery package. Plus, nobody has decided what an electric motorcycle should look like yet, so you're free to experiment with all sorts of funky ideas that would simply never fly in the gasoline-powered bike world. Case in point: the e-raw from France's Expemotion, which features a floating seat made from 80-odd layers of wood laminate, and uses an iPhone as a dash.Read More

Motorcycles Review

Video Review: Ducati Scrambler is a real charmer with an attitude

At US$8,600 in America, it's easy to see why the brand new Ducati Scrambler line has been a massive sales success. It's charming to look at, painfully retro-fashionable and totally approachable. It would also be incredibly easy to ride if it wasn't for the over-aggressive throttle mapping. It harks back to a time before motorcycles were separated into road, dirt and sports categories, when one bike had to do the lot, and Loz found it a lovely experience on our short road test.Read More


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