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Singapore’s first home-grown hypercar: The 1500-horsepower, all-electric Dendrobium

Singapore's first home-grown hypercar is in development by a new company called Vanda Electric. The Dendrobium, named for a Singaporean orchid, is an ambitious project that's projected to make some 1,500 horsepower, 4,000 Nm of torque and a blistering 0-100 km/h time around 2.6 seconds. With the Williams Advanced Engineering team on board and some SG$10 million in capital behind it, it looks likely that we'll get our first glimpse of a full-sized prototype in Geneva in 2017.Read More

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2017 Duesenberg Torpedo Phaeton: Resurrecting an American icon

After a false start back in 2005, Dave Hartje's plans to revive the Duesenberg luxury car brand are back on track. Instead of reinventing the brand with a futuristic new sportscar concept, the team is getting set to go into production with a series of replicas celebrating the quintessential American luxury cars of the 1920s and 30s. In full control of production this time is Eddie Paul, a remarkable individual we've written about many times before. In the glitz, glamour and rampant fakery of Hollywood, there's a quiet subculture of serious, can-do guys who get things done fast, on time and on budget – and Paul is one of them. We caught up with Paul at his home in El Segundo, California.Read More


Video road test: Kawasaki's supercharged Ninja H2

In the latest of our video road tests, Kawasaki USA turns Loz loose on the extraordinary Ninja H2. It's the only current mass-market production motorcycle with forced induction – thanks to its chirping, tweeting, custom designed supercharger – and rather than posting killer lap times, it's designed purely to be the paragon of utter excess on the road. So if you've got the guts to twist that throttle to the stop and let the boost build up, you'd better be ready to boogie. Enjoy the video after the jump!Read More

Motorcycles Review

Review: Kawasaki's supercharged H2 is an elegant artwork of supreme violence

From its signature silver mirror paint job and sci-fi looks, to its electric green trellis frame and Ninja star wheels, Kawasaki's H2 is all about shock and awe. And none of it shocks more than when you open the throttle and access the excess of a roaring, 200-plus horsepower, supercharged, 1000cc engine. Thanks to a fortuitous bit of timing, Loz was able to spend three days in California with the biggest, baddest, buckingest bronco in the Kawasaki stable ... and to answer the question: is the H2 quicker than the Lightning LS-218?Read More


Craig Calfee: Rear suspension will revolutionize road-race cycling

Suspension has long been a dirty word among road-racing cyclists, but if carbon fiber wizard and cycling visionary Craig Calfee nails his latest prediction as cleanly as his previous ones, it won't be long before every rider in the Tour de France is enjoying the comfort, performance and traction benefits of a suspended rear end. Calfee's top-of-the-line Manta bikes now feature an incredibly simple, lightweight rear suspension spring with a tiny 12 mm of travel that he believes will revolutionize the sport. Gizmag visited the Calfee workshop in Santa Cruz to find out more.Read More

Motorcycles Review

First ride: Zero launches crazy-quick DSR dual-sport in California

Zero Motorcycles has made evolutionary changes to its silent but deadly 2016 lineup, with improvements to battery chemistry, range, efficiency and heat management. There's also two new models – the FXS supermoto and the DSR (above), a dual sport platform that now features the full splendour of the high-power SR motor and powertrain. Gizmag visited Zero in Santa Cruz, California, to catch up with the team and check out the new toys.Read More

Motorcycles Review

Review: Smart motorcycle headlight lights the way around corners

Standard low-beam motorcycle headlights are next to useless in dark corners, so this week we've been playing with an aftermarket gadget that sorts the problem out. J.W. Speaker's Model 8790 Adaptive Low Beam LED Headlight fires up additional angled lights as you lean your bike over, to fill in the blind spot you get when you're cornering in the dark, and hopefully a kick in the backside for manufacturers that have been selling us rubbish headlights for generations.Read More


Walkera's methanol-fuelled range extender keeps a QR X900 hexacopter in the air for more than an hour

Hexacopter flight times over an hour should soon become possible. Chinese drone manufacturer Walkera has decided to go beyond the battery, teaming up with micro-generator producers at GenSmart to build a new hybrid powertrain for its QR X900 professional heavy lifter. A tiny, efficient methanol motor charges the battery during flight, allowing long flight times and instant refueling and it can be switched off so the drone can operate in "stealth mode" when necessary.Read More


Drone School 4: Orientation and precision exercises

You've got the basics of how to fly a drone under control, and you haven't managed to destroy your quadcopter yet. Congratulations! Let's get into some meatier exercises involving precision and orientation. In Drone School 4 we practice hovering in different orientations, work on bank turns and figure 8s around markers, have a crack at nose-in landing and look at a much easier and cheaper way to get your skills up.Read More


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