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Ford's new split-view camera helps drivers see around corners

One frustrating thing about living in any neighbourhood that gets an influx of SUVs is that it gets hard to see past rows of tall cars to work out when it's safe to nose out or back out of your driveway. Ford is tackling this kind of problem with a new split-view camera mounted on the front and rear bumpers that gives drivers a 180-degree view from the bits of the car that poke into traffic first, effectively giving them the ability to see around corners.Read More


Intelligent Cranium's iC-R – the most ambitious smart motorcycle helmet yet

The Intelligent Cranium iC-R motorcycle helmet is a design concept stuffed to the gills with futuristic functionality. We're talking twin full-colour LED heads-up displays, twin rear-facing cameras, built-in Bluetooth communications, phone connectivity, voice controls, LiDAR rear-ender collision warnings, an electronically controlled LCD visor that tints itself dark at the touch of a button and a solar panel built into the top. All this for a projected expected retail price of US$1600. Can it be done?Read More

Architecture Feature

State of the Game: The world's tallest buildings, now and in 2020

Like so many of humanity's greatest accomplishments, there's very little practicality behind the world's tallest buildings. They tower over their surrounding cities as gigantic monuments to human engineering brilliance, their mind-bending heights seemingly in blatant defiance of physics. Of course, they're also the ultimate status symbol for those that go beyond mega-rich – all of these buildings could be viewed as billion-dollar phallic vanity projects, and in that regard it's interesting to note that by 2020, all the top five tallest buildings in the world will be located in status-hungry China and the ostentatious, oil-rich Middle East. Enjoy our short video presentation after the jump.Read More


Wärtsilä's new 31 becomes the most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine in the world

Finnish engine manufacturer Wärtsilä must be a fascinating place to visit. The company manufactures some of the most mind-bendingly enormous marine diesel engines in the world, like the record-breaking, 89-foot high, 44-foot long, 110,000 horsepower RTA96-C we wrote about more than 10 years ago. Now, Wärtsilä has another entry in the Guinness Book of Records ... for the world's most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine.Read More

Motorcycles Review

Video: Gizmag rides the terrifying KTM 1290 Super Duke R

Motorcycles can be a fun, cheap and easy way to get around. They can also be bowel-loosening widowmakers with absurd levels of performance for family-car dollars. The KTM 1290 Super Duke R falls into the second category. It's a road-focused hooligan machine with a giant 1301cc engine, 180-odd horsepower and 144 Newton-metres of torque. Twist the throttle in fourth gear and it will hoist you up to well over double the national speed limit on the back wheel. On paper, this thing is gut-shrinkingly scary, so, for your entertainment, we tasked Loz Blain with riding it for two weeks.Read More


Remote-control Range Rover can be driven with a smartphone app

High end cars are creeping towards full autonomy, unlocking new abilities every generation that allow them to drive themselves under certain conditions. Now, using the sensors and hardware that let the car park itself, Jaguar Land Rover has demonstrated a very nifty remote control app that lets you get out of your car, stand beside it and drive it using your smartphone. It's an incredibly handy way to get this huge thing in and out of tight parking spots, or negotiate particularly rough terrain while keeping an eye on what's happening. You can literally be your own spotter.Read More

Digital Cameras Review

Review: Leica's quirky Q, the ultimate full-frame street shooter

Priced at a truly scary US$4,250, the Leica Q looks very limited on paper. It seems like a travesty to take a gorgeous full-frame sensor and saddle it with a single, fixed 28mm lens. But the combination allows for a very compact and light design, with crazy-fast autofocus and a beautiful high-definition electronic viewfinder to go with its near-silent shutter and sumptuous optics. Yes, it costs an arm and a leg, but the Leica Q is a stellar run-and-gun street photographer's axe that delivers tack-sharp, rich and detailed images.Read More

3D Printing Review

CSIRO's Lab 22: Kickstarting a 3D printing revolution in titanium

Australia is wasting billions of dollars of potential value by shipping its world-beating titanium reserves out of the country as raw ore. That's why CSIRO's Lab 22 is making millions of dollars' worth of 3D printing facilities available to Australian businesses in an effort to kick-start a local additive manufacturing revolution that could add billions of dollars' worth of value to the country's raw titanium exports.Read More

Trisak – a bum bag for your tripod

Trisak is a simple invention but a nice one – it's a little bum bag for your tripod that hangs off the tripod legs. Big enough to hold a lens, a second camera or a big coffee, it also collapses so you don't ever have to take it off your sticks.Read More


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