Computational creativity and the future of AI

Kent Sutherland

Researchers from Bristol University have developed hit predicting software

You hear a new song. Will it be a hit or a flop? Researchers from Bristol University in the U.K. say they can now tell you - well, sort of. After studying the Top 40 singles charts over the last 50 years and examining the audio characteristics for hits and flops, the team has come up with a formula as to what makes for a successful song and used it to devise software that "predicts" hits. The next step is a web app to allow budding musicians to score their own songs.  Read More

Clikka Mouse is software designed for those who have trouble clicking a mouse

Not everyone can easily click a mouse. Many people with permanent motor disability have difficulties, along with those suffering Repetitive Stress Disorder or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and anyone recovering from hand surgery. Clikka Mouse is innovative "work around" software that addresses the problem and best of all, it's free.  Read More

Research from Michigan State University has linked video game playing with creativity (Pho...

Despite the bad press that gaming often gets, there is increasing evidence that it can have positive effects. We've already seen studies suggesting that video games improve decision making and put players in a more relaxed frame of mind, now there's more good news for parents whose offspring are video game junkies. Research out of Michigan State University suggests that 12 year olds who play video games tend to be more creative ... and the more they play the more creative they are.  Read More

iPad tablets were used this week to enable some Oregon residents to cast their vote in a s...

Oregon was the first state in the U.S. to trial the postal vote back in 1981 and ultimately the first to conduct a federal election primarily by postal-vote. This week, the State is trialing another electoral innovation by using iPads to make voting easier for individuals with physical disabilities.  Read More

iPad apps for cats (Photo: Kent Sutherland)

It seems tablets are not just a hit with humankind. Cat lovers are using the iPad to entertain their furry friends ... yep, there are iPad apps for cats. Here's a look at what's out there for those brave enough to try dispensing feline diversions of the digital kind.  Read More

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