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Kennedy Grey

Kennedy Grey
Kennedy Grey has contributed hundreds of features, reviews and how-to articles to publications including MovieMaker, WIRED, Red Herring, Macworld/MacUser, MovieMaker, New Media and over 30 others. He entered the advertising world in the late 90’s as a Senior Copywriter and Creative Director for agencies including Digitas, Wunderman, Organic, and VML, and was the voice and ideation engine behind TV, print and direct advertising work for AT&T, Best Buy, Microsoft, Nike, Intel, Air New Zealand and LucasArts/THX among many others. He founded US-based teen suicide prevention Non-Profit Organization Rock Against Suicide in 2002 during his tenure at Nike, and currently lives in Seattle, WA.
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3D images taken in daylight from 910 meters away using the new imaging system (Photo: Opti...

Physicists at Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University have created a 3D imaging camera system capable of resolving depth on a millimeter scale at distances of up to one kilometer. Working much like a laser version of radar, the “Time-of-Flight” (ToF) measurement system “pings” a low-powered infrared laser beam off distant objects and records a pixel-by-pixel map using a detector that counts and positions individual photons as they arrive back at the source.  Read More

MōVI M10 Gyroscopic Camera Mounting System

One of the most defining facets of any filmmaker’s style is how they position and move the camera. Though the time honored “tripod or dolly?” choice expanded with the advent of the Steadicam operator-controlled motion system in the 1980’s, the cost of even renting one (and the operator) have remained out of reach for the new breed digital filmmakers. Enter the MōVI M10 handheld gyroscopic camera mounting system from Freefly Systems – a motorized, triple gimbal system that provides rock-solid smoothness under ridiculous amounts of motion, both small and large, and for a fraction of its cost could offer what the Steadicam does – and potentially a whole lot more.  Read More

Continental's smartphone system replaces the car hire station and the car key

Leveraging NFC technology to turn smartphones into keys is an idea that's gaining ground, not just for home access but for cars as well. With this and more in mind, automotive supplier Continental has begun testing a smartphone app enabling real-time centralized control for access to, and charging of, electric vehicle fleets. The system is aimed squarely at the fast-growing consumer segment of member-based car-sharing schemes, as well as corporate and government electric car fleets.  Read More

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