Highlights from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Jude Garvey

The Cloak Bag is a clever camera carrier that allows you to discreetly take photos without...

There are plenty of great camera bags on the market, but you can often miss that perfect shot by wasting time getting out and setting up your camera. The Cloak Bag solves this by providing a discreet cover for your camera whilst allowing you to take photos - without having to remove your camera from the bag.  Read More

Have Japanese researchers discovered how to analyze a baby's cry?  Image: Flickr, memekode...

New parents discover quite quickly how loudly their newborn can scream when they’re not happy. But working out the cause of the problem is unfortunately pretty much a guessing game. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a device that could tell you exactly what was wrong with your baby? It might not be as preposterous as it sounds - Japanese scientists claim they have developed a statistical computer program that can analyze the differences in a baby's cries. So, future baby monitors could be capable of alerting parents that their child is tired, hungry, needs a diaper change, or is in pain.  Read More

The Inflatable Sleeping Coat will keep you dry and warm during the day and provide you wit...

We know how much you love spending time in the great outdoors but it can get tiring (and a little annoying) when you have to lug all your sleeping and camping gear with you. What if you could carry all your sleeping gear in one handy package? That's the thinking behind the Inflatable Sleeping Coat. The design concept by Lin Tsui-Wei not only keeps you dry and warm during the day – it inflates to provide a comfortable sleeping bag for when it’s time for bed.  Read More

PeeWee Kit turns any computer into a child-friendly PC (Image: Dan Cramer via Flickr)

Ensuring the home computer is 100 percent safe for the youngest members of the family is a priority for most parents. But security software can be expensive and unfortunately is not always completely effective. A clever new product – the PeeWee Kit – not only makes any computer kid-safe, it won’t break your piggy bank either...  Read More

The Superplexus Vortex is an incredible puzzle that could give you hours of pleasure...or ...

Remember that old wooden labyrinth puzzle you used as a kid? You had to manipulate a small steel ball through a series of mazes by altering the orientation of the plane using two knobs. Prepare to meet its big brother – the Superplexus Vortex. It’s a humongous, three-dimensional, spherical labyrinth that promises to both challenge and frustrate you.  Read More

The FlexibleLove chair can be stretched and manipulated into a multitude of shapes and len...

The FlexibleLove chair is a fabulously functional chair that is made almost entirely of recycled cardboard and recycled wood waste. What's even more unique, is the fact that it can be expanded to fit from one to up to 16 people because of its accordion and honeycomb structure. This structure allows it to be stretched and folded into a multitude of shapes and lengths - creating surprisingly strong seating, suitable for various spaces and requirements.  Read More

The CardioBip is a portable ECG monitor that can provide accurate and comprehensive data

The problem with a heart attack – apart from the obvious of course – is that you have very little time to get to an emergency room or doctor. A medical diagnosis in the first few hours - usually by undergoing an ECG – is critical to determine the severity of the arrhythmia or ischemia (heart attack) episode. Rather than dealing with crowded emergency rooms and overstretched MD’s, this simple to use pocked-sized device can give you an ECG reading on-the-spot.  Read More

Baby Bunk sleeper positions baby right next to your bed for convenient feeding and comfort...

Brand new babies are divine but can be demanding - with some needing to be fed or comforted every two to three hours. Whilst the daytime feeds can be OK, it might be more of a struggle to get out of bed for the night feeds. With the Baby Bunk sleeper you won’t have to. It’s a cleverly designed co-sleeper that conveniently positions baby right next to you without having to share your bed.  Read More

Puppy Tweets lets you know what your furry friend has been up to throughout the day

Mattel's Puppy Tweets is a new gadget that allows your pet to send you a cutesy tweet via Twitter every time they move, bark or sleep. The device is pre-loaded with over 500 phrases that are designed to put an amusing spin on a mundane activity. Your pet barks - you get a message saying - “I bark because I miss you. There I said it. Now hurry home.”  Read More

The Bumpfree speedbump is designed to remind drivers that they are traveling too fast by c...

The Bumpfree Dynamic Speed Bump concept could change the way drivers approach a speed deterrent in the future. It will allow drivers who are traveling at the right speed limit to pass over the bump without hindrance but will "remind" drivers traveling above the limit to slow down by creating the same feeling one gets when passing over a speed-bump - but without the usual speed-bump impact.  Read More

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