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Le Whif - chocolate consumed by inhaling

Eating chocolate is one of those pleasure experiences many of us can’t live without, and for those serious choc addicts who think they've done it all, there could yet be a new frontier - chocolate that you inhale. Created by a professor at Harvard University with help from art and science college students, Le Whif began as a culinary art experiment which culminated into a marketed product that’s set for a world tour - it’s a chocolate inhaler shaped like a tube of lipstick that is breathed in for a mouth full of chocolate, with a tiny fraction of the calories. Scoffing is replaced by whiffing. Read More


Top 5 online sources to find that elusive user manual

User Manuals. They can be extremely handy things, and they play an important role in the world of consumer electronics. The problem is that once you’ve gotten your nifty new product, the manual gets a brief glance, maybe a once over, but it often tends to get discarded or lost with the original packaging. Equally you may have made a second hand purchase sans manual and when the time comes that you actually need it - something gets broken, or there is a feature you need to learn about - lo and behold, the manual is nowhere to be found. However, there is still hope in this digital age of mass information sharing, even if you’re searching for that obscure out-of-print document. Jamilah Le takes a look at some of the best places on the web to track down user manuals.Read More

Digital Cameras

Flip Mino HD hits UK shores

The HD version of the diminutive Flip Mino camcorder has reached UK shores following its release in the US last November. The three ounce Flip MinoHD happens to be the smallest and possibly the simplest high definition camcorder in the world, with one touch recording and a 4GB internal memory (upgraded from 2GB) that's good for 60 minutes of 720p video.Read More

Around The Home

Dishwashers save more water than washing by hand?

To handwash or not to handwash? When it comes to saving water, it seems some people firmly believe that the dishwasher is one of those things that need to be sacrificed. Too much water and energy is the argument. A new study firmly refutes this idea and - keeping in mind that it's presented by Electrolux, a company that makes washing machines - revisits the debate on dishwashers. Read More


Architect-designed Ramp House is a skaters dream pad

For skating lovers who heard the phrase ‘don’t you dare skate in the house’ one too many times as a kid, this might just be the dream home you’ve always wanted. The unique dwelling is described as having a ‘curved form interior’ (otherwise known as a ramp), but it's not just 'a house with a ramp in it'. Archivirus Architecture and Design's creation sets out to deliver a completely 'skatable habitat' for the client (which is not actually Tony Hawk -he has his half-pipe built in the backyard) with smooth concrete and curved spaces to enhance the idea of motion.Read More


TentLED helps avert common camping mishap

Tripping over tent ropes - it's a problem regular campers understand only too well and apparently around 3000 people seek first-aid from this kind of mishap every year in the Netherlands alone. This solution created by VAN BERLO in the Netherlands, is an LED light for guy lines that are attached to the rope so you can see them at night. Read More


Green bleach is good for hair

March 30, 2009 It's not the first area that springs to mind when you think "green research", but a natural alternative to regular hair bleach may have been discovered. For everyone who consistently bleaches their hair with hydrogen peroxide, risking the healthy sheen of the hair is just part and parcel. However, Japanese scientists have come up with a possible alternative that could achieve the same result without the damage. Read More


Safer surgery using mussels and inket printers means no needle and thread

You’ve probably never thought of mussels or inkjet printers having much to do with surgery, but Research by North Carolina State University is underway to create a medical adhesive based on these things which could replace traditional sutures. Mussels on rocks are near impossible to pry off by hand if you’ve ever tried (let’s face it, you have) due to their adhesive proteins that can bond them to stone underwater to resist the relentless surging of the sea. The researchers believe this mussel glue and a variation on an inkjet printer could “result in faster healing, less scarring and increased precision for exacting operations such as eye surgery.”Read More


Life Saver: beach rescue design concept uses solar energy

Teseo+Arianna is a concept by Italian designer Davide Anzalone that takes surf lifesaving to another level. The design comes in three major components - a tower (Arianna) with a rotating platform, a small vehicle (Teseo) with a jet engine and a quick-inflating safety vest with a CO2 cartridge. It is all designed with form and function in mind, and has the advantage of being environmentally friendly, with solar panels on the tower. It is based on the knowledge that a lifeguard and lifesaver needs to minimize the time it takes to reach a victim and begin giving life support.Read More


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