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Jack Martin

— Mobile Technology

EDG multimedia business card hits the market

By - November 28, 2008 1 Picture
November 27, 2008 Three years ago we wrote rather optimistically about the coming of the rCard, a US$25 multimedia business card (and promotional give-away and gaming device and …). Now there's a similar product that comes in three versions, each with different capabilities. It’s called EDG (pronounced edge) and will be initially marketed as is a digital video card that enables pharmaceutical firms to build and maintain relationships with their key audiences, but are lots of very useful ways to use the card in almost any business where making a first impression and delivering a high value message to create an important relationship. Read More
— Mobile Technology

The toughest phone in the world just got tougher

By - November 24, 2008 2 Pictures
Sonim’s XP1 phone is already unquestionably the world’s toughest, so the imminent release of the even tougher XP3 is more than noteworthy, particularly for those of us who spend a lot of time near, on or in the water. The XP3 can withstand more shocks and drops than its predecessor, it’s buttons have been tested to function beyond 500,000 pushes, and boasts a Military Spec rating of 810F against salt, fog humidity, transport and thermal shock. It is capable of working at -20C or at +60C, which is way better than the human body, and comes with a three year, no-questions-asked guarantee. Most significantly though, it can be fully submersed in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. All this means you can call your pet goldfish. Read More
— Automotive

Volvo S60 Concept with Orrefors Crystal Interior

By - November 24, 2008 1 Picture
November 25, 2008 In offering the world the first glimpse of the Volvo S60 Concept car which will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in early January 2009, the Swedish auto manufacturer is giving an indication of what the all-new Volvo S60 will look like when it is launched in 2010. Little information is available at this time, but Volvo has indicated the car will “deliver a sporty drive like no Volvo before.” The only other significant information released with the accompanying image is that the interior features a floating centre stack made of hand-crafted Orrefors crystal, “shaped in a graceful, transparent wave from the instrument panel all the way to the rear seat backrest.” Clearly a first in automotive interiors, the crystal panel “appears to float above the centre stack's ergonomically designed functionality and rests gently on rubber pads.” Can’t wait! Read More
— Electronics

The Energy Detective keeps electricity bills low

By - November 23, 2008 8 Pictures
November 24, 2008 If you’re looking at ways of reducing energy consumption be it to do your bit to save the planet or reduce the load on your wallet for the expected economic winter, here’s a very good starting point. The Energy Detective (TED) is a US$145 real-time electricity monitoring device and as it can be expected to result in the saving of 10-20% on your electricity bills, the ROI should be less than 12 months. TED can tell you how much energy your air conditioner, computer, or dishwasher are using and accurately predict your next power bill weeks in advance. There’s also optional US$45 software which enables you to analyse energy usage every-which-way on your PC. Read More
— Mobile Technology

The ABnote-LAKS Smart Transaction Watch

By - November 22, 2008 9 Pictures
November 23, 2008 Approximately 1.1 billion watches are produced annually and around three billion credit cards are issued, which makes the LAKS Smart Transaction Watch look like a significant market opportunity given that it combines both. Laks is one of the most innovative producers of wrist-worn gadgetry in the world, with specialty watches that track the phases of the moon, play Mp3s and even monitor fertility cycles to aid women in getting pregnant, so the ingenuity of putting a smart card into a wristwatch to readily facilitate contactless payments was probably a no brainer for them. Perhaps one day we'll all be wearing these things, though our money is on the mobile phone being the logical long-term winner as the platform for contactless payments. Read More
— Automotive

Toyota CNG-Powered Camry Hybrid

By - November 22, 2008 8 Pictures
November 23, 2008 At a time when America’s auto manufacturers are going cap in hand to the Government for donations to secure their survival, how can there still be such large gaps in the marketplace? Toyota showed a CNG-Powered Camry Hybrid Concept at the LA Auto Show, portending the filling of a gaping hole in the market for a compressed natural gas hybrid. Put simply, in the near future, the demand for liquid petroleum will exceed supply and thanks to one of those immutable laws of commerce, when that happens, petrol will cost a lot more than it does right now. Apart from the potentially reduced running costs and environmental benefits afforded by using CNG over petrol, worldwide natural gas reserves should last until at least 2100 and widespread adoption of CNG could reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil and reduce vehicle operating costs. Read More
— Automotive

Lamborghini’s new 200mph Gallardo LP 560—4 Spyder

By - November 22, 2008 12 Pictures
November 23, 2008 Lamborghini appropriately held the worldwide debut of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560—4 Spyder at the Los Angeles Auto Show – Southern California accounts for approximately 30 percent of all Lamborghini sales in the United States, the brand’s largest global market. As the successor to the best-selling Lamborghini of all time, the new LP 560-4 Spyder combines the Coupé’s design, performance and handling characteristics with the open-air pleasures of a soft top super sports car. The 560-4 Spyder offers a new 5.2 liter engine with 40 additional horsepower than its predecessor; allowing it to sprint from 0-62 mph in only four seconds with a top speed of 201 mph. Read More
— Automotive

Rossi still eyeing Formula 1 drive

By - November 22, 2008 37 Pictures
November 23, 2008 Only one person has ever reached the pinnacle in both MotoGP and Formula 1 (John Surtees), the respective motorcycle and motor racing premier championships, and for the last three years, the greatest ever motorcycle racer (Valentino Rossi), has been teasing us with the prospect that he might switch to four wheels and attempt to emulate Surtees. Though he insists he’ll be staying in MotoGP for another five years, he spent two days punting the Kimi Raikkonen’s F2008 Ferrari this week and got within a second and a half of Raikkonen’s best time (see extensive image library). Fingers crossed! Read More
— Automotive

Honda FC Sport Design Study demonstrates Hydrogen Fuel Cell performance potential

By - November 22, 2008 31 Pictures
November 23, 2008 Honda pulled the wraps off a Fuel Cell Sport design study model at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, The hydrogen-powered, three-seat FC sports car concept emphasizes the design flexibility and potential of Honda's V Flow fuel cell technology - already deployed in the Honda FCX Clarity sedan - and reconfigures it into a lightweight sports car design with an ultra-low center of gravity, powerful electric motor performance and zero-emissions. The design study concept is claimed to offer supercar levels of performance through low weight and a high-performance, electrically driven fuel cell powertrain. Read More
— Military

The I-Ball short range throwing camera

By - November 19, 2008 2 Pictures
With populations rapidly migrating to cities over the last century, most of the world’s military conflicts are now being fought in urban environments. Fighting in an urban environment presents innumerable problems for a force acting ethically as the three-dimensional environment restricts visibility, and offers much easier concealment for defenders and IEDS. Accordingly, the U.S. and U.K. are quickly attempting to use technology to overcome the tactics they are encountering in Iraq and Afghanistan. These latter day wars have seen the greatest advances in situational awareness technologies in history with UAVs becoming a critically important tool. Now a new class of military technology is being created for the foot soldier which might become ubiquitous in times to come – the short range throwing camera. Read More

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