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Google's neural network to compose email responses for you

Gmail users are set to benefit from Google's machine learning research with Smart Reply. The system will use a deep neural network to not only analyze incoming emails for what information is required to form an appropriate response, but to propose three likely replies, with the end result enabling mobile users to respond quickly to emails.
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Tesla's live Autopilot upgrades give the Model S parallel parking and lane changes with the push of a button

Tesla's semi-autonomousAutopilot upgrades are live. Model S vehicles produced after October of last year are now capable of automatic parallel parking, lane changes with the tap of the turn signal, and traffic-aware cruise control. Version 7.0 of the Model S' firmware will also add new apps and a refresh of the UI that provides the bulk of the driver's interaction with the car's features.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Open Bionics adds superhero appeal to prostheses for kids

Historically, those born without a hand or have one amputated can choose prosthetic devices that focus on realism and, for a steeper price, fine motor control. Open Bionics has unveiled several new designs for the youngest of prosthesis owners, and paired small size with kid appeal. Swerving away from realism, these prostheses are literally modeled after superheroes. Calling these the world's smallest bionic hands, Open Bionics argues that for kids it transforms being different into being cool.
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Pokémon and Niantic collaborate to bring augmented pocket monsters to the real world

Pokémon announced today that it will be bringing Pikachus, Mudkips, and Bulbasaurs to an entirely new realm never inhabited by Pokémon before: real life. In collaboration with Niantic, developer of the augmented-reality sci-fi game Ingress, players can expect Pokémon Go to use physical locales as settings for the otherwise familiar collecting, battling, and trading. Aiding players is a new device called the Pokémon Go Plus, which will augment the mobile game available for Android and iOS devices.Read More


"Autobiographical memory" lets robots act as knowledge go-betweens for ISS crews

Anyone who's had to take on job responsibilities from someone who left the company months ago will appreciate this robotic system designed with the International Space Station (ISS) in mind. With the design challenge of retaining important experiential information between rotating crews of astronauts, French researchers used the popular Nao robot to form an "autobiographical memory" of human interactions and pass on the know-how to new crew members.Read More


Infento offers transformable transportation for kids as they grow

Looking to both solve the problem of children quickly outgrowing their rides and give parent and child a fun project to create together, two Dutch inventors dreamed up Infento. The name, inspired by the Latin for "infinite makes," is a collection of creative ride-ons for ages 0-13. With just a hex key and a couple of hours, an adult and child can make a sledge, a recumbent bike, a trike with a cargo box, and more.Read More


StoreDot to scale up nanodot battery tech in pursuit of five minute-charging EVs

Last year, StoreDot made news with its rapid-charging smartphone battery that the Israeli startup claimed could be fully recharged in just 30 seconds, while hinting the technology could be scaled up for fast-charging electric vehicles (EVs). After completing a round of funding for a new EV business unit, StoreDot might just be able to deliver on its vision of EVs that can receive a full charge in just five minutes.Read More


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