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The best of CES 2016

Every year CES has more to offer than any one human being could possibly digest in one week. We waded through the torrent of tech gear to bring you our picks for the most interesting, innovative and just plain fun tech in fields like transportation, VR and wearables. This is Gizmag's Best of CES 2016.Read More

Gizmag jobs – Mobile Technology Writer

Since 2002, Gizmag has been covering the latest developments in mobile technology, consumer electronics, science and transport. We're now one of the largest independent technology publications in the world, and we're looking for a US-based journalist specializing in mobile tech to join our global team.Read More

Good Thinking

The oddest inventions of 2015

Television, the telephone and many other great inventions throughout history were initially scoffed at before they went on to take the world by storm. That's not a likely scenario when it comes to the following list of oddball contraptions ... but you never know. In a nod to free-spirited thinking that's not beholden to suffocating notions of common sense or commercial success, here's our pick of the quirkiest inventions to hit Gizmag's pages throughout the year.
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Good Thinking

The top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas 2015

This is how it's supposed to work: You pen a note to Santa outlining how wonderfully well behaved you've been throughout the year and put forward a wishlist of all the goodies you deserve in recognition of your exemplary performance. The elves then set to work with their hammers and saws and carbon fiber fabrication techniques to produce your heart's desire before Santa loads it up and drops it down your chimney with no regard for physics or reindeer haulage limitations. Ok, it's not going to pan out that way, but that doesn't stop us from setting aside the crushing reality of socks and scented soap for a moment and dreaming a little dream. Here's our annual list of the top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas.Read More


The best of CES 2015

The majority of products you see at CES are forgettable, but every year there's also a handful of innovations that are either the next big thing, or so ambitious and imaginative that we can't help but shine our spotlight on them. These are Gizmag's picks for the best of CES 2015.Read More

Good Thinking

The top 10 things you DON'T NEED for Christmas 2014

Some ideas break new ground, others are just destined to break. Creative minds can't always be saving the world, and what a boring place that world would be without all the bewilderment and fun that off-the-wall inventiveness brings. So in a nod to quirkiness and the spirit of human invention in its purest, unhinged form, here's our list of the top 10 things you don't need for Christmas this year (even if you do want them). Read More


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