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Super flat material could extend life of Moore's Law

Researchers could be fending off the demise of Moore's Law with the help of a new material that allows electrons to move from point A to point B faster. Engineers at the University of Utah discovered a new kind of flat semiconducting material made of tin monoxide that is only one-atom thick, allowing electrical charges to pass through it faster than silicon or other 3D materials.Read More

Urban Transport

High-end Zeitgeist City electric bike targets "active affluents"

In the surprisingly wide world of electric bicycles, there's a lot of blurring of the lines between dirt and road bikes, psuedo-motorcycles and mopeds. Seattle-based Zeitgeist Inc. isn't doing anything to sharpen the lines with its Zeitgeist City e-bike. Despite the city moniker and being targeted primarily at affluent urbanites, the company says the luxury bike can handle on- and off-road conditions.Read More


Heliatek claims new conversion efficiency record for organic PV cells

German solar technology firm Heliatek claims to have outdone itself by setting a new world record for directly converting sunlight into electricity using organic photovoltaic cells. In 2012 it claimed a then world record 10.7 percent conversion efficiency and said it was gunning for 15 percent in the near future. This week it announced it's halfway there, achieving a new record of 13.2 percent.

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NASA's new laser-based modem could revolutionize data-crunching

For years now, fiber optics has been synonymous with super-speed communications and data transfer, but now NASA is working to develop the next generation of high-speed modems using an emerging technology called integrated photonics. The agency's first integrated photonics modem is set to be deployed aboard the International Space Station in 2020. The palm-sized device makes use of optics-based functions like lasers, switches and wires that are all integrated on a microchip much like those in our cell phones. Read More


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