Eric Mack

Google Fiber lights up another big city

Google Fiber officially launched in its fifth American city on Wednesday, when the gigabit broadband service became available in one Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood. Right now, Fiber is only available in four apartment buildings near the city's famed Music Row neighborhood, but expansion is planned across the city. Read More

Google puts you on stage at the Sydney Opera House

Google has created one of the most comprehensive tours of the Sydney Opera House, that can be accessed without ever setting foot in Australia. On Wednesday the Google Cultural Institute launched its Sydney Opera House experience, including a 360-degree virtual tour for Google Cardboard and over 1,000 digital artifacts that tell the story behind the iconic structure.Read More


Breakthrough Listen Initiative starts sharing "search for ET" data

The first batch of data from a US$100 million effort to find signs of intelligent life beyond Earth has been released for public access. The Breakthrough Listen Initiative began making observations in January using the Green Bank Radio Telescope in West Virginia and Lick Observatory's Automated Planet Finder in California, and has posted what it's gathered so far on its website.Read More


World's smallest TV antenna gets the job done

Researchers have developed the world's smallest television antenna without having to compromise on reception or the conditions under which it can operate. The dual antenna created at the University of Morelos (UAEM) in Mexico receives analog TK and digital broadcast channels while measuring just 11 centimeters long, 6.5 cm wide, 6 mm thick and weighing only 12 grams (when coated, the weight reaches 80 grams).Read More


Spike Aerospace aims to quiet sonic booms

Supersonic air travel is experiencing a rebirth of sorts lately, at least in terms of new concept designs for passenger planes from the likes of Airbus, Denver-based Boom and Boston's Spike Aerospace. Spike, in particular, aims to make it possible to travel faster than sound over new parts of the world by greatly reducing the disturbing sonic booms that result from breaking that threshold.Read More


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