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Emily Clark

— Environment

Solar Stik portable solar generator

By - September 18, 2008 4 Pictures
Portable solar panels are popping up at an increasing rate in campgrounds and caravan parks where they are an environmentally friendly and mercifully silent alternative to fuel burning generators. This example from Solar Stik offers rugged solution that can be used in conjunction with a wind generator and adapted for a variety of applications on land and water. Read More
— Mobile Technology

HTC S740 smartphone

By - September 17, 2008 5 Pictures
HTC's latest edition to its "S" range of smartphones takes a conventional 12-key candybar phone design, slots in the company's speciality - a sliding QWERTY keyboard - and adds 3.8 inch wide-screen, 3.2 megapixel and mobile broadband download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps (if your carrier can handle it). Read More
— Environment

GE Hybrid locomotive protoype in Chicago

By - September 15, 2008 1 Picture
GE Transportation will parade its Evolution Hybrid locomotive prototype at the RSI Railway Technology Exhibition in Chicago later this month. Promising significant fuel and emissions savings, the diesel-electric hybrid technology captures and stores the energy generated by braking a 207 ton train and delivers it back to the propulsion system in the form of an on-demand, 2000 horsepower boost. Read More
— Good Thinking

Storm Safe hurricane shelter

By - September 15, 2008 3 Pictures
Recent horrific weather conditions in Northern and Central America have seen many people displaced, injured and even killed - most recently by Hurricane Ike. While early evacuation is always the best option, it can't hurt to have a plan B along the lines of the Storm Safe, a floating, hexagon-shaped hurricane shelter made from heavy aluminum plate that's designed to protect you in the event of a large storm. Read More

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