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Emily Clark

Brain Age 2 for Nintendo DS

Nintendo has launched its second release in the burgeoning world of brain games in effort to attract non-gamers to pick up the controller. Brain games are designed as exercise for our grey matter based on the notion that our neural systems are constantly changing throughout life and that effective instruction can actually alter brain function.  Read More

Land clearing a concern for biofuel crops

In an effort to prevent an impending energy crisis, industries are considering various alternative energy sources with which to continue generating power whilst reducing environmental impacts. Biofuels are one alternative being adopted within the transport sector, but some experts are warning that biofuels may do more harm than good.  Read More

'The Rave” massage and music chair'

New technology isn't all about mobile phones and processing speed - along the way its also given us some elaborate ways in which to recline in style while relaxing, working, or doing both at the same time. This new addition to the comfy chair genre from Tranquil Ease combines four different types of massage that can be synchronized with music to deliver optimum relaxation.  Read More

1702 Portrait of Newton by Godfrey Kneller

New research suggests that a key aspect of the calculus, commonly attributed to Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz in the late 1600s, may in fact have been discovered more than two centuries earlier by scholars at the Kerala School in southwest India.  Read More

From left to right Rod MacGillivray, Managing Director of Avebury, Alan Prole, Managing Di...

Work has now begun on the first BoKlok "flat-pack housing" development at St James Village in Gateshead, UK. Previewed in Gizmag in May this year, the project aimed at delivering fast, affordable, energy efficient and stylish housing has just moved into its construction phase.  Read More

Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1”

Porsche has announced that the Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1” will be available from November. The limited-edition special series of the 295bhp mid-engined coupé will see just 777 released worldwide and keeping in line with the purist nature of the vehicle, the choice of color has been made simple – it's black or black.  Read More

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