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Boeing to develop Free Electron Laser for US Navy

Boeing has won a U.S. Navy contract worth up to $163 million to develop the Free Electron Laser (FEL), a weapon system that the company says "will transform naval warfare in the next decade by providing an ultra-precise, speed-of-light capability and unlimited magazine depth to defend ships against new, challenging threats, such as hyper-velocity cruise missiles." The envisioned level of precision would enable U.S. Navy ships to deliver nonlethal or lethal force to targets with power and minimal collateral damage. Read More


High-level concerns flagged over Chinese naval weapon

After years of speculation, details are beginning to emerge of a "kill weapon" developed by the Chinese that is capable of targeting and destroying US aircraft carriers. The Dong Feng 21 anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) can carry a warhead big enough to inflict significant damage on a large naval vessel, such as a supercarrier, with a single strike. The missile employs a complex guidance system, using low radar signature and a maneuverability that makes its flight path unpredictable. This increases the odds that the missile can evade tracking systems to successfully reach its target. It is estimated that the missile can travel at mach 10 speed and reach its maximum range of 2,000km in less than 12 minutes.Read More

Around The Home

The LG Artcool Photochangeable air conditioner goes quieter

April 16, 2009 In a world where ongoing technological improvements are accepted as the norm, a development that can hide or improve the appearance of those ugly necessities like air conditioners is a god send. Anything that lowers their noise level will also be warmly (pun intended) welcomed. After all who is really out there looking to purchase an air conditioner that will constantly interfere with the pleasant sounds of the home based entertainment system or wishes to place an ugly monstrosity in a prominent position in their home? The leading supplier of air conditioners in the world, LG has not only realized that air conditioners are not all about technology, design and style are just as important and a unit that runs as quiet as a mouse will be a big seller. Recently LG Electronics' launched the new low noise Deluxe Split Inverter Air Conditioning range that extends their highly successful range of Photochangable air conditioners.Read More

Urban Transport

Honda’s prototype walking assist devices to go on show in the US

With increasing numbers of post-war baby boomers beginning to face old age, devices assisting people remain mobile as they grow older will become big business. Honda, which started out making motorcycles, has anticipated the needs of an aging population and invested heavily in mobility robotics research. The company is planning to demonstrate its prototype walking assist devices as part of a technical exhibition at the 2009 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress, at Detroit's Cobo Center, from April 20 to 23.Read More

Holiday Destinations

Ducato wins MotorHome Base Vehicle award for third straight year

Boosted by the performance of its six-speed automated manual MTA gearbox and a new natural gas powerplant, the Fiat Ducato has just taken the coveted Which Motorcaravan Base Vehicle winner’s accolade for the third year running. Along with the awards, the success of the design is reflected in the marketplace - two out of every three motorhomes in Europe are built on the Fiat Ducato base and there are more than 400,000 Fiat Ducato motorhomes on the road in Europe alone.Read More

Automotive Feature

45th anniversary of the Ford Mustang

On April 17, 2009, Ford and the Mustang Club of America will commemorate the 45th anniversary of the legendary Ford Mustang with a four-day celebration in Birmingham, Alabama. Based originally on the Ford Falcon, the brand has gone through many changes over its 45 year history, but still retains the essence of the breed. Ford released the first Mustang in 1964 (dubbed Mustang 1964½ because it came out at the unusual half way point of the year) and since then it has become one of the most iconic muscle cars in American automotive history, selling 9 million units along the way. Read More


The Long Range Acoustic Device: pirate deterrent, crowd controller or soft drink seller?

When Somali pirates armed with RPGs attacked the luxury cruise ship Seaborn Spirit in November 2005 it wasn't armed troops or the threat of artillery that deterred the attack, it was sound waves. The ship was fitted with a clever bit of tech called the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), a system which can emit painfully loud sound frequencies that are concentrated in a narrow beam and easily direct them at a target, not unlike using a spotlight. LRAD was originally developed for enforcing safe zones around US military vessel, but as Gizmag's David Greig learns, the potential applications of the sometimes controversial technology go well beyond protecting assets on the water. Read More


The new E 63 AMG sports saloon

AMG, the high performance brand within Mercedes Benz, has just launched the new E63 AMG sports saloon. The 6208 cc fast-revving, naturally aspirated power plant delivers a sizzling output of 525hp and torque of 630Nm, reaching 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. The E63 AMG further distinguishes itself from the regular E-class with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7-speed sports transmission featured recently on the SL 63 AMG high-performance Roadster. Also featured is the newly developed AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension with electronically controlled damping, a new front axle and a reduction in fuel consumption of 12 percent. Read More


New HEMPASIL X3 marine paint reduces fuel consumption

With vast numbers of ships traveling the world’s oceans daily and consuming large quantities of fossil fuels, it is not surprising that fleet owners would be focused on ways to reduce their fuel bills and carbon footprint. We've touched on the problem of higher fuel costs associated with ineffective marine paint in the past and it's these costs that the new HEMPASIL X3 package aims to address. Read More


IF MODE: the sleek folding bicycle with a clever twist

In a world in which we have come to expect our gadgets to be small and compact yet deliver the benefits of the full size model, Pacific Cycles' IF Mode fold-up bike is unlikely to disappoint. The IF MODE combines a number of features to optimize fast folding into a compact footprint including a single sided fork and rear stay (on opposite sides of the frame), folding handlebars, integrated stem and front fork and even folding pedals. The clever twist - literally - is the patented, single-action, automatic folding mechanism that requires no tools or removal of parts and automatically guides the wheels together. Once folded, MODE becomes a wheelable package complete with in-built handle so that you don't have a dead weight to lug around when you swap pedalling for perambulation.Read More


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