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Around The Home

Sure Hang aims to make the laser level more useful

When it comes to hanging things on a wall in a straight line, a laser level can go a long way towards making that easier to accomplish. A new device called Sure Hang aims to make the laser level even more useful by allowing it to integrate directly with a tape measure for hanging things up at a perfect interval along a level, straight line.Read More


Freaks3D takes 3D printing on the road

3D printers are fantastic, but you're unlikely to see someone carrying one with them to a maker faire, or anywhere else for that matter. Elecfreaks is aiming to provide a portable option for the growing 3D printer market with Freaks3D – a unit that's around the size of an average laptop.Read More

3D Printing

Palm-sized 3DSimo Mini draws, cuts, solders and burns

The creators of the 3D-drawing pen known as the 3DSimo are back again, and this time they have a new device called the 3DSimo Mini. The device is smaller, of course, but the team is also expanding the functionality of it by adding a foam cutter, a burn tool, and a soldering iron. These functions go along with the return of the 3D drawing functionality from the previous model.Read More

Mobile Technology

LG unveils its lightest micro LED projector yet

There was a time not long ago when a projector was only available in a form-factor that needed to be left in one place indefinitely. That's changed recently, and LG is aiming to shake that notion even further with the introduction of its new Minibeam Nano, which is the smallest and lightest LED projector the company has ever released.Read More


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