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Darren Quick

Microsoft's Arc Mouse all folded up and ready to travel

No-one would deny that laptops are wonderful things. They’re portable, powerful and give us something to do on boring train rides or plane trips. But, like everything, they have their downsides and relying on a trackpad or micro-sized portable mouse to shift the mouse cursor around the screen is one of them. Now Microsoft, who makes some pretty decent keyboards and mice it has to be said, has introduced the Arc Mouse, which it says combines the comfort of a desktop mouse with the portability of a notebook mouse.  Read More

The carbon nanotube-based color active matrix electrophoretic display

Electronic paper is one of those technologies that offers obvious benefits. It provides highly visible displays in direct sunlight due to its reliance on reflected light to view text and images, and it is much more energy efficient as it can retain images without constant refreshing. With a number of different technologies vying for the e-paper crown and the financial reward such a title would bring, Samsung has demonstrated the world’s first carbon nanotube-based color active matrix electrophoretic display (EPD) e-paper.  Read More

The robot plant

Not only are humanity's days as the dominant life form on the planet numbered – it seems plants might have to start looking over their shoulders as well. The robot research laboratory at Chonnam National University in Korea has developed a robotic plant that has humidifying, oxygen-producing, aroma-emitting, and kinetic functions.  Read More

The bio-ethanol powered Climax

Greener motoring doesn't usually mean high-performance, but bio-ethanol powered sports cars like the Lotus Exige 265E and Aston Martin's Vantage GT2 have shown that the two terms aren't always mutually exclusive. Now another British company is joining the ranks with the Climax mid-engine open-top two seater.  Read More

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We’ve all nearly been blinded and had to flash our high beams at oncoming drivers who have failed to dip their lights, but Mercedes-Benz' latest adaptive lighting innovation could help end of such dangerous incidents by taking driver error out of the equation. The newly developed high-beam assistant system uses a dash-mounted camera to automatically adapt headlamp range to the distance of other vehicles, meaning drivers will at all times benefit from optimum headlamp range by becoming aware of danger spots, pedestrians and other road users more easily and more quickly.  Read More

Motorola's MOTO Q 11 smartphone

Motorola has announced the latest addition to its Q series of smartphones. The MOTO Q 11 is a quad-band GSM phone with EDGE, (no HSDPA or 3G), and features a 2.4” 320 x 240 TFT 262K screen and full QWERTY keyboard. In the wireless department it features Bluetooth, integrated 802.11b/g WiFi, which uses Boingo Mobile to automatically connect to thousands of WiFi locations worldwide, and integrated GPS for navigation support for applications such as Google Maps.  Read More

The Sansa slotMusic Player

SanDisk is looking to expand its market with the introduction of the Sansa slotMusic Player. The plug & play, portable music player was specially designed for use with the new slotMusic cards available today in the US. SanDisk are pushing slotMusic as a new format of high-fidelity, DRM-free MP3 music on a microSD card, which gives consumers the ability to listen to and quickly swap music between a mobile phone, personal computer, and any MP3 player with a microSD slot.  Read More

The International DuraStar at the Hybrid Truck Users Forum in South Bend, Ind.

With the spiraling cost of fuel and the average cost of diesel in 2008 climbing around 39 percent versus last year, it’s no surprise that truck manufacturers are looking to lighten the burden on trucking operators. To this end Navistar, makers of the LoneStar, has expanded its line of diesel electric hybrid trucks with the unveiling of their International DuraStar Hybrid tractor at this week’s Hybrid Truck Users Forum in South Bend, Indiana. Navistar claims that the new diesel electric hybrid Class 7 tractor has the proven capability to provide fuel savings of 20-25 percent on standard in-city pickup and delivery applications.  Read More

The stylish Miguel Caballero bullet-proof polo shirt.

For those occasions when a bullet-proof gentleman’s square just won’t do, there is the bullet-proof polo shirt. The US$12,000 anti-ballistic shirt from Columbian designer Miguel Caballerois is made of ultra-lightweight, bullet-proof fabric and features removable ballistic panels designed to offer protection from weaponry ranging from a 9mm pistol to an Uzi.  Read More

The 'fit anywhere' eMachine EL1200 Desktop Series PC.

Thankfully the days of the big, beige box seem to be well and truly behind us. Now PCs are available in all shapes and sizes with eMachines EL1200 Desktop series opting for the popular smaller end of the spectrum and at a budget price. With PCs making their way out of the study in recent years the compact eMachines EL1200 Desktop Series PCs are designed to fit neatly into main living areas such as kitchens, family rooms, family den, studio apartments, dorm rooms, smaller bedrooms and home offices.  Read More

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