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Mapping the thesaurus of the human brain

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) have used MRI data to create what they call a "semantic atlas," using vivid colors in multiple dimensions to show how the brain organizes language. The greater understanding that the map provides could one day help patients suffering from conditions such as motor neuron diseases and strokes in making themselves understood.Read More


HP's Chromebook 13 is the first premium Chromebook that isn't the Pixel

While most Chromebooks are budget-focused machines with low-end specs, HP is aiming a little higher with its latest notebook, which has a pixel-dense display and capable Intel Core M processor, all while hanging onto a wallet-friendly starting price. With an all-metal build and somewhat premium specs, it's also looking to encroach on the Chromebook Pixel's territory – and, as you may expect, its higher-end configurations are in the same pricing ballpark as the Pixel.Read More


The world's tiniest thermometer is made from DNA

Researchers at the University of Montreal have created a thermometer that's an astonishing 20,000 times smaller than a single human hair. The work could lead to significant improvements in our understanding of how the human body functions on the nanoscale.Read More

Nintendo's next console will launch globally in March 2017

After months of speculation, Nintendo has confirmed that its mysterious console, codenamed NX, won't see the light of day in 2016 after all. The news was delivered alongside the company's latest financial results, while a little more information about the much anticipated new Legend of Zelda game was also revealed.Read More


Study of Titan sea reveals unexpected composition

We've known for more than a decade that the largest of Saturn's moons plays hosts to lakes and seas of liquid hydrocarbons, but the exact make-up of these reservoirs has remained a mystery. Until now that is, with scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) using data from eight years worth Cassini flybys to confirm that Ligeia Mare – one of the largest seas on the moon – is made up largely of liquid methane.Read More


Compound reverses symptoms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's in fruit flies

Neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are extremely widespread, affecting millions of people across the planet, but treatments are limited, and there's currently no cure available. New work is showing promise in the development of a new treatment, with scientists identifying a compound that can reverse symptoms of the diseases. The method hasn't been tested on human patients just yet, but it's been found to be effective in genetically modified fruit flies.Read More


Menacing walker teaches kids to build robots

The ZeGoBeast Electric is a large, mean-looking built-it-yourself walking robot that's designed to be as simple to build as possible, with step-by-step guides available both digitally and in paper form. The team hopes that the new DIY walker will become a tool for learning about programming and electronics.Read More


Planes, ships and ground stations working together to study pollution

Next week, an international effort between NASA and the Republic of Korea's National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) will see the two bodies working together on an ambitious, six-week set of observations designed to improve our understanding of air pollution. The project will include the use of three planes housing 37 different instruments, and more than 300 ground sites, working together to gather data that help in the development of new solution to combat poor air quality across the globe.Read More


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