Chris Wood


Mouse/keyboard hybrid provides fast single-finger typing

A new crowdfunding campaign is looking to change how we interact with our PCs and other smart devices, providing users with an all-in-one solution that combines keyboard and mouse. The peripheral, known as the Nydeum Sense, lets users trace out letters on a contoured touch surface, while providing a more conventional touch experience on its second side. Read More


Samsung wants to use your hand as a second display

A patent filing has surfaced showing a concept smartwatch interface from Samsung, designed to project a touch-enabled display onto the back of the user's hand. While the existence of the patent is no way confirmation that we'll actually see product, it does present an interesting new take on the tricky issue of smartwatch control. Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Should we use smartphone apps to treat depression and anxiety?

Apps that claim to be able to help with depression and other mental health issues aren't uncommon, but it's difficult to know whether they're actually providing effective treatment. Now, researchers have looked to gain some concrete information as to how helpful an app can be for patients tackling anxiety and/or depression. The results of the study were positive, but they aren't necessarily indicative of mental health apps as a whole, where a lack of regulation has made it extremely difficult to pick out software that can be trusted.Read More


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