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iPhone and iPod users have reported a variety of problems when trying to upgrade to iOS5 (...

Bricked iPhones, lost contacts, slow download times and a host of other problems have plagued users trying to upgrade their devices to the new iOS 5. Here are the most common problems and how to fix them.  Read More

Internet service providers were recently exposed for grossly exaggerating the cost of prov...

A recent study shows that ISPs – which long maintained that data was their biggest expense – are grossly overcharging for data. The price increases to our mobile or land-based internet appear to be based on greed, not need.  Read More

Is the iPhone 4s enough to steal market share from Android?

Android currently accounts for 50-percent of the smartphone market. So does the release of the iPhone 4S mean that Apple could overtake Android in the market share battle? Almost certainly not. But we are beginning to see record sales numbers for the release of the 4S which, when combined with opening up the market a bit more by adding another carrier (Sprint), could see Apple take a bigger bite out of the pie.  Read More

Is Netflix in any real danger now that Redbox looks to be targeting it, with unlimited mov...

The tiny Redbox kiosks are sprouting up everywhere, but is the company planning on firing its next shot at Netflix? Its first shot was directly responsible for crippling Blockbuster. Now, it's offering unlimited movie streaming for less than four dollars a month.  Read More

Amazon has announced deals to sell its Kindle line through offline retailers Best Buy and ...

Looking to supplement sales of the new Kindle line, including the Kindle Fire, Amazon has announced deals with offline retailers Best Buy and office supply giant Staples. The question: why now? Why start selling your product offline when it was already the most recognizable brand in the e-reader market. The simple answer? More.  Read More

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