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Health & Wellbeing

Graphene-based sensor targets sick building syndrome

Whether it's off-gassing from the paint on the walls, the carpet on the floor or the furniture in the room, there are numerous sources of indoor air pollution that can ultimately lead to so-called "sick building syndrome." There are already devices that can detect such pollutants, although their sensitivity is generally limited to concentrations of parts-per-million. Now, however, scientists have created a sensor that can detect airborne CO2 molecules and volatile organic compound (VOC) gas molecules down to parts-per-billion.Read More

3D Printing

Could the 3D-printed cast put plaster to pasture?

If you've ever had a cast on an arm or leg, then you'll know how uncomfortable, awkward and inconvenient they can be. That's why the NovaCast was created, by Mexican startup Mediprint. It's a 3D-printed cast which is custom-made for each patient as needed, and that addresses many of the limitations of traditional plaster casts.Read More


BAE Systems' Archerfish hunts down sea mines

The animal known as the archerfish has a unique claim to fame – it shoots down and then eats airborne insects by spitting a stream of water at them. Well, BAE Systems' Archerfish ROV (remote-operated vehicle) is a little different. It locates and then blows up sea mines, by shooting them with an explosive charge. Read More

Around The Home

Desktop device brings laser-cutting home

There was a time when the only 3D-printed items that most of us ever saw were created at places like universities or industrial design houses – now, thanks to the plethora of consumer 3D printers out there, that's no longer the case. Well, the German designers of Mr. Beam II are hoping that their new device will likewise democratize the world of laser cutting and engraving. Read More

Good Thinking

Fighting the Zika virus with junked tires

Mosquitos like old tires. More specifically, female mosquitos like to lay their eggs in the cool, stagnant water that often accumulates within them. Now, in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases such as the Zika virus, the Government of Canada is using that fact against the insects. Researchers with the Grand Challenges Canada initiative have created a highly-effective mosquito trap, each one of which is made from a single discarded tire.Read More


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