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Digital Cameras

AstroScope gives your DSLR night vision

The AstroScope, from night vision manufacturer Electrophysics, is a modular adapter that adds night-vision capability to DSLR cameras and camcorders. Designed for use by the military, law enforcement, news agencies, and well-heeled enthusiasts, the AstroScope night vision adapter fits between the camera body and the lens to capture high-resolution images at night and in low-light situations that are otherwise too dark for standard digital cameras.Read More

Digital Cameras

Sony Party-shot snaps pictures while you party

You’re throwing a big party, and you want it be a night to remember. You’ve invited some cool friends, stocked up on good beer, and have the stereo cranked up to 11. Only one thing could make this shindig any better – a robot photographer! Well fear not, Sony’s got your back with the new Party-shot robotic camera dock that automatically pans, tilts, and takes snapshots while you go for the cheese dip.Read More

Digital Cameras

Kodak ups the ante in the pocket video wars with the Zi8 1080p HD cam

Kodak is trying to out-flip the Flip with its latest pocket digital video cam, the Zi8. Aimed squarely at the heart of the hot compact video market, the Zi8 outdoes the Flip Ultra HD with 1080p recording, electronic image stabilization, an SDHC card slot, and an external mic jack. Plus it'll shoot 5-megapixel stills, track faces, and is designed to perform better in low-light conditions.Read More


EcoBlaster rechargeable air horn: noise is the only pollution

Whether you’re a boater, sports fan, or obnoxious prankster the EcoBlaster rechargeable air horn can meet all your high-decibel needs without the wasteful, eco-unfriendly drawbacks of traditional air horns. Most air horns use disposable aerosol cans to provide the oomph for their audible blasts. When the can is empty, you toss it in the trash and get another. The EcoBlaster, on the other hand, features a reusable, refillable air chamber. You can refill the air chamber as often as you like using the included pump, a bicycle pump, or compressor.Read More


Incandescent light bulbs may have a bright future after all

In the face of legislation being enacted around the world, the future of the trusty incandescent light bulb has been looking dim. Ireland has banned the sale of incandescent bulbs, and the United States is set to phase them out by 2012. And it’s no wonder - the apple of Thomas Edison’s eye is something of an energy hog, especially when compared with modern bulbs such as compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and LED-based lights. But now a new technology from Deposition Sciences Inc of Santa Rosa, California, is promising a brighter future for the venerable incandescent.Read More

Good Thinking

BeerPaq CarboPouch looks odd, keeps beer fresh

There’s nothing like kicking back with a cold bottle of beer on, well, any day really. But if Beverage Pouch Group LLC has its way, you may soon be sipping your favorite artisanal ale from a plastic pouch. The BeerPaQ CarboPouch line of beverage packs looks like something astronauts might use to pack their brewskies on the International Space Station, but the manufacturer says they are an ideal container for small craft breweries and micro brewers.Read More


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