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Adam Williams

Adam Williams

Adam scours the globe from his home in North Wales in order to bring the best of innovative architecture and sustainable design to the pages of Gizmag. Most of his spare time is spent dabbling in music, tinkering with old Macintosh computers and trying to keep his even older VW bus on the road.

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— Architecture

Small Paris apartment maximizes space with clever interior layout

By - April 29, 2015 16 Pictures
French architect Richard Guilbault recently renovated a small apartment in Paris that measures just 30 sq m (322 sq ft) and offers a nice example of how much home can be fit into a relatively small space. 30m2 Flat in Paris makes up for its unimaginative name with an inspired interior design that includes moveable furniture, a folding bed, and a tiny bathroom. Read More

Student-designed furniture is out of this world

A team of five mechanical engineering seniors has been tasked by NASA to design furniture suitable for use in future habitats on Mars, the Moon, or in space itself. The Lunar Lounger project aims to address the lack of available space and the low-gravity in such conditions, while ensuring the comfort of astronauts. Read More
— Architecture

Shanghai's Natural History Museum opens for business

By - April 28, 2015 16 Pictures
Global architecture firm Perkins + Will recently completed work on Shanghai's Natural History Museum and it's now open for business. With more than 10,000 artifacts from around the world stretched over 4.45 hectares (11 acres) of floorspace, it's a big and ambitious project that – while calling it sustainable would be a push – does boast a significant amount of green design. Read More
— Around The Home

Flatpack Programmable Table pops into position, no tools required

By - April 24, 2015 5 Pictures
Flatpack furniture is efficient to manufacture and inexpensive to transport, but it can also be a real hassle to put together. A collaboration between MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and Milan design firm Wood-Skin promises to make life easier in this regard with the Programmable Table: a small prototype table that can be easily moved from flatpack state to furniture, and back again, with a quick tug. Read More
— Architecture

Thames Bath project hits Kickstarter

By - April 23, 2015 11 Pictures
Britain's lidos, or public open-air swimming pools, were once far more numerous and popular than they are today. In recent years though, they've come back into fashion to some extent, with several campaigns to re-open or renovate aging lidos proving successful. Riding this wave is the Thames Bath project, which has recently turned to Kickstarter to raise funds toward a new floating open-air swimming pool on the River Thames. Read More
— Architecture

Sustainable "vertical city" envisioned for the Sahara

By - April 20, 2015 18 Pictures
Parisian architecture firm OXO Architectes, in association with Nicolas Laisné Associés, recently revealed its proposal for a futuristic mixed-use tower – or "vertical city" – that promotes sustainable high density living in the Sahara desert. The conceptual project calls for the tower to be run using renewable sources including rainwater collection, solar power, and geothermal energy. Read More

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