Adam Williams

Good Thinking

SkySaver offers escape from a burning high-rise

Being trapped on an upper floor of a burning high-rise is the stuff of nightmares, but a product called SkySaver offers a last-resort means of escape, should that unlikely scenario occur and a safer exit is unavailable. SkySaver is worn on the back like a backpack and allows the user to descend out of a window and reach the ground in one piece.Read More


Solar-powered treehouse is for the birds

Located at the base of an ancient hill fort in Somerset, England, the Yurt Retreat is an eco-retreat that includes four luxury glamping yurts and a communal lodge. Its most recent addition is the Bird house, a solar-powered treehouse-style dwelling that was part-built using local and reclaimed materials.Read More

Tiny Houses

Atlas: Tiny house, big view

Following a vacation that included time spent sheltering from rain in an RV with a lackluster view, Longmont, Colorado-based F9 Productions was inspired to create Atlas. Described as a tiny house/RV hybrid, the solar-powered dwelling boasts generous glazing and a porch that unfolds to offer a semi-outdoor space.Read More


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