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Around The Home

Backyard dining, Zaha Hadid-style

Iraqi-British starchitect Zaha Hadid recently turned her considerable talent to designing a prefabricated pavilion. The Volu Dining Pavilion is currently on display at Design Miami and available for purchase in a very limited edition – with a reported price tag of US$480,000. Read More

Tiny Houses

Thoreau's Cabin is at one with nature

Here's a lovely little project from Amsterdam's cc-studio. Named Thoreau's Cabin in honor of American author Henry David Thoreau, the off-grid shelter features a wood-burning stove, large sliding doors that open it up to the outside, and an understated elegance that enables it to complement, rather than dominate, its surroundings.Read More


Offices with Terraces lets a little outside in

Perhaps heading to work each morning would be less of a drag if the destination wasn't a soulless office building. The Offices With Terraces project, by Nicolas Laisné Associés (NL*A Paris) features plenty of greenery and natural light, offices that open onto small terraces, and corridors that have been moved to the outer edge of the building.

Read More

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