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Australian Institute of Architects recognizes architectural innovation around the globe


July 31, 2014

The Australian Institute of Architects has revealed the five winners (plus six runner-up c...

The Australian Institute of Architects has revealed the five winners (plus six runner-up commendations) of its 2014 International Awards

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The Australian Institute of Architects has revealed the five winners of its 2014 International Awards, which highlight projects tackled by Australian architects outside their home country. A luxury condominium in Bangkok, a Malaysian rainforest retreat, and the innovative Stonehenge Visitor's Center were among the projects recognized.

Taken from a total of 24 entries in all, the projects are separated into categories for the first time this year: Public Architecture, Interior Architecture, Commercial Architecture, Residential Architecture, and Small Project Architecture.

Public Architecture

Stonehenge Visitor's Center, England, by Denton Corker Marshall (Photo: James Davies)

England's Stonehenge Visitor's Center, by Denton Corker Marshall, has been awarded the Public Architecture award. Probably the most high-profile building to be recognized by the judges this year, the £27 million (US$44 million) project involved re-routing a major road, and placing the visitor's center 0.9 miles (1.5 km) away from Stonehenge's famous stones.

Commendations: Binus Kindergarten and Primary School, by Denton Corker and Phoenix Valley Youth Palace and Grand Theatre, by studio505.

Interior Architecture

ASB North Wharf, New Zealand, by BVN Donovan Hill and Jasmax (Photo: John Gollings)

BVN Donovan Hill and Jasmax dominate the Interior Architecture category with first and second-place honors. First place went to New Zealand's ASB North Wharf: a colorful three-story office that features a novel cross ventilation system. It comprises a central atrium that draws in fresh air from open windows, which is then directed around the building with the help of a specially designed funnel.

Commendation: Regional Terminal at Christchurch Airport, also by BVN Donovan Hill in association with Jasmax.

Commercial Architecture

Park Royal Hotel, Singapore, by WOHA (Photo: Patrick Bingham Hall)

Looking like the sort of ambitious project that typically remains on the drawing board, Singapore's striking Park Royal Hotel, by WOHA, has been given the nod in the Commercial Architecture category. The building certainly achieves the "hotel-as-garden" design that WOHA aimed for, and its green-covered facade and roof is a striking addition to Singapore's skyline.

Commendation: Asia Square, in Singapore, by Public Architecture winners Denton Corker Marshall.

Residential Architecture

The Sukhothai Residences, Thailand, by Kerry Hill Architects (Photo: Albert Lim)

Kerry Hill Architects fared well in the Residential Architecture category, winning first place and also receiving the judge's second-place commendation. The winner, Sukhothai Residences, is a luxury condominium in Bangkok, Thailand, that comprises 41 stories and 196 homes, and rises 166 m (544 ft) into the sky.

Commendation: Urban Suites, by Kerry Hill Architects.

Small Project Architecture

Shelter@Rainforest, Borneo, by Marra and Yeh Architects (Photo: Brett Boardman)

Marra and Yeh Architects' Shelter@Rainforest is a beautiful isolated retreat that's located deep in a remote rainforest location around five hours drive from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. The shelter houses a forestry manager and his family, and features solar power and rainwater collection. It was also built using sustainably-sourced local timber.

Commendation: Kunshan Modular Pavilions by Brearley Architects and Urbanist.

The five winners will eventually take part in Australia's National Architecture Awards on November 6 and compete for the Jørn Utzon Award for International Architecture.

Head to the gallery to view each of the winners and runners-up.

Source: Australian Institute of Architects

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