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Face-less watch concept uses laser hands


February 28, 2010

The faceless Aurora Watch uses lasers to indicate the time

The faceless Aurora Watch uses lasers to indicate the time

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The latest in our long list of weird watch designs is the Aurora Watch concept by designer Jihun Yeom. The watch features a faceless design that indicates the time using lasers. A red laser specifies the minutes, while a blue beam indicates the hour. With the wearer’s hairy arm visible through the watch it means that it’s always a freckle past a hair until the bevel edge around the watch ring is tapped to activate the lasers.

Aside from the images there aren’t any real details about how the concept would actually work. It seems more likely the ring would conceal two lasers that would rotate around the ring with the time, rather than having 120 static lasers crammed inside to accommodate all the necessary time variations.

It would also appear the faceless watch would need to have some transparent material to ensure the lasers have something to interact with so they can actually be seen. Again, judging by the pics this transparent material would need to be at a slight angle to allow the laser hands to appear to fade as they approach the center of the watch face.

But we’re just speculating here. One thing’s for sure though. The Aurora Watch would definitely make for a nice looking piece of jewelry – in isolation anyway. How it actually looks on a person’s hairy arms could be another matter. Might be worth shaving a circular patch on your wrist before donning this one.

Via Yanko Design

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You guys show these really cool watches, but don\'t give any way to get or contact the manufacturer...I would really love this cool watch!


As the world slowly moves toward a \"Minority Report\" like scenario, this is surely going to become the must-have item in man’s never ending list of desires!

Facebook User

I like it-sleek and innovative. Wish I knew where to get one...

Facebook User

It\'s a concept guys, it doesn\'t exist, and neither does the technology.

Gruph Norgle

I don\'t know anyone who wears a watch anymore. Everyone just pulls out the cell phone to check the time now.


Waste of research and development time.

Alex Lekander
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