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Atlantic Surf Pods provide for a glamping holiday in the UK


October 16, 2012

Atlantic Surf Pods offers guests a quiet spot to enjoy an off-the-grid glamping experience

Atlantic Surf Pods offers guests a quiet spot to enjoy an off-the-grid glamping experience

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Nestled away on 26 acres (10.5 hectares) of farmland, Atlantic Surf Pods offers guests a quiet spot to enjoy an off-the-grid glamping experience. Located close to the sea in Bude, North Cornwall, the eco-friendly accommodation includes a series of highly insulated eco pods, offering simple comforts surrounded by lush rolling hills.

Glamping (glamor + camping) is a great option for travelers wanting to enjoy an escape in nature without the hassle of transporting or setting up camping equipment. More and more glamping sites are popping up around the world and some of our favorite spots include Elqui Domos, PODhotel, Minaret Station and Dome Garden.

Each Atlantic Surf Pod is comprised of a spacious 20 square meter (215 sq.ft) capsule that features a king size bed, private bathroom, solar and LED lighting and a sheltered deck that opens out to the surrounding landscape. The outdoor deck is fully equipped with outdoor dining, barbecue facilities and cozy bean bag chairs ideal for relaxing with a book in the warmth of the afternoon sun, or enjoying a glass of wine under the star-filled sky.

The pod design incorporates a curved green roof, that is in line with the surrounding clipped grass areas. The pods thus camouflage into the local environment, creating a unique and secluded eco-tourist destination.

Local attractions and activities include surfing, coasteering (a mixture of exploring, climbing, swimming and – if you are brave enough – leaping into the ocean), mountain-boarding, mountain biking, horse riding and golf.

Atlantic Surf Pods is open all year round, with prices ranging between £45.00 to £85.00 (US$72 to $137) per night.

Source: Atlantic Surf Pods

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The prices are very reasonable for what one gets. I think it is a way cool and affordable way to go glamping. It would be neat if other places had something similar at that price. :)


I want to try glamping! I saw a website that showed yurts, tipis, safari tents and more from different parts of the world: http://www.glamping.com/

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