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Waterproof action-cam with built-in LCD screen


October 9, 2008

Oregon Scientific ATC5K Action-cam

Oregon Scientific ATC5K Action-cam

October 10, 2008 Action cameras are a great way to prove you did more than just sit on the couch last weekend, and the Oregon Scientific ATC5K is pretty much the complete package. The self-contained, shock-resistant and waterproof unit captures digital still photos as well as 640 x 480 VGA resolution video with sound at 30 frames per second and includes a built-in 1.5 inch color LCD screen for immediate playback of your outdoor exploits.

The 4.5-inch long, 3-inch high ATC5K boasts a 53 degree capture field of view, is waterproof up to 10 feet and offers a range of mounting options for helmets, handlebars and other sports equipment.

It's PC and MAC compatible, doubles as a webcam, runs on two (easily obtainable) AA batteries and the 32MB on-board memory is expandable up to 4GB via SD card.

The cost: USD$249. See Oregon Scientific for more details.

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