Astro camera mount designed to make time-lapse photography easy and affordable


August 28, 2012

Astro is pocket sized and designed to be a practical, easy to use camera accessory

Astro is pocket sized and designed to be a practical, easy to use camera accessory

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The Astro camera mount is intended to make time-lapse photography accessible to anyone interested in cameras. It is designed to be inexpensive, durable, small enough to fit into your pocket, and easy to program. Its functions are accessed via a three-ringed control system, which is used to set the duration of the time lapse sequence (0.25-12 hours), the range of camera movement (0-360 degrees) and the interval at which photos are taken (0-60 seconds). Separate left and right buttons below the interval ring control the pan direction of the camera.

The tripod-mounted device is 3.15 x 1.18 inches in size and connects to the camera using a 2.5 mm socket. It runs at a maximum speed of six degrees per second and can hold up to five kg (11.02 lb) of equipment. The screw used to connect to the camera doubles as an on/off button. The device is powered by two AA batteries.

Astro was the idea of Minnesota-based design company Mindarin. Its successful Kickstarter campaign raised US$413,000, making large-scale manufacture possible. With Mindarin’s original goal set at $50,000, the additional funds will be used to develop an intended smartphone app. It will offer features like continuous movement, high dynamic range settings, as well as other advanced functions.

The standard unit price for an Astro is $180, or $200 for a special edition version in black. It is scheduled for an October release date.

This isn't the first – or even the second – time that time lapse systems have been developed through Kickstarter. The Radian recently surpassed its funding goal, as did the Genie before it.

To learn more about Astro watch its designer, Oscar Ramirez, explain it in the Kickstarter video posted below.

Source: Kickstarter

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This is one of the best advertising videos I can ever recall seeing; the device is something I'm interested in as well. It's a bit expensive but I can see where it would not be prohibitive and I'm checking the budget right now to see what my next doo-dad purchase will be - but this gadget just crept close to the top! I appreciate the mention of other similar gadgets on the same page - Some of which I was not aware. Kudos, Gizmag!


It is a good ad video. The only problem I can see with it, is the music is too loud, making it hard for me to hear what was being said. Interesting product though. My daughter is making money as a photographer now at the age of 16. As her own idea, I will have to see if time lapse is in her interests. This might be her Christmas present.


Awesome product and great design work. The video and music are great. However, your spoken words are the most important part of this message.

If you want to boost your response go remix the audio so the music completely cuts out or at least is half as loud as it is now when you speak.

As it is now the music completely overrides your voice and makes it very hard to get even one third of your message. Best of luck.


For those of you who are primo up on all this, tell me, am I seeing a cable attached into the mini-USB port on the camera that will be receiving some sort of instruction from the controller or a logic level control? What gives here and how am I assured my 16 megapixel Olympus will work with this thing??


Kinda Awesome.

Ken Romero
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