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AshPoopie concept turns dog doo into ashes


October 16, 2011

AshPoopie dog poop disposal system

AshPoopie dog poop disposal system

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Most dog-walkers accept the necessity of cleaning up after their charges, but no one is claiming that it's a pleasurable experience. While we've seen eco-friendly dog waste disposal bags and systems that turn poop into plant fertilizer, we've yet to come across an approach that takes care of both collection and disposal quite like AshPoopie. Still a concept at this stage, the AshPoopie from Israel-based Paulee CleanTech is a kind of portable refuse incinerator crossed with ordinary one-handed pet waste scoop that's designed to turn feces into 100% sterile ash on the spot.

AshPoopie resembles existing one-handed, no bending pet waste scoop, but it has a retractable handle for portability along with a built-in decomposition chamber where the offending poop is mixed with chemicals from a replaceable cartridge to turn it into odorless, sterile ashes in less than a minute.

According to Paulee CleanTech, the device doesn't need cleaning or any special maintenance.

There are no details as to what's in the capsules or what the system might cost, but the AshPoopie designers say they have begun developing the prototype with the aim of bringing it to market as early as Q1 2012.

The video below runs us through how the system would work:


@Mark - it doesn\'t scorch grass. It picks up the poopie, ashes it, then drops the ash. No scorching except of the poopie.

Still kinda gross, but . . .


So how are they going to stop this scorching patches of grass! Stupid idea. Just pick the shit up.

Mark Thomas

Don't be a party pooper Mark. Carrying your cold in your hankie is one thing, choosing to carry poop is another. Have you not seen the effect of scattered ashes on turf?


2 paws up

Stewart Mitchell

Oh Mark, read it again and watch the video

Bill Bennett

i love the product name, but if it were mine to name, I think PoopieAsh would be better - or at least I\'d have to laugh like a kid everytime somebody says it!


This could be a great slimming aid. Just imagine how you would feel about breakfast if you\'d just taken Rover out then grilled his poop. Might work for a little poodle, but after my two labradors have evacuated I\'d need to call Nato with some napalm. No little gizmo is going to have the energy density required to evaporate the water content of half a kilo of dog crap \"in less than a minute\" unless its nuclear powered. Why don\'t people just relax about dogs? The Japanese keep inventing useless robot dogs when the original will run on food waste, reproduces for free and has 100% biodegradable waste. You can catch about 22 diseases off a dog... or thousands off a human. Statistically, its safer to kiss a dog!

Doug MacLeod

As with most poop pick up devices, it fails to address diarrhea. I'll add this to my list of gimmicky devices that I will never use.

Timothy Stone
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