Asetek prototypes liquid-cooled laptop


March 22, 2012

Asetek has created a new slim form factor liquid cooling system for laptops and All-in-One computers

Asetek has created a new slim form factor liquid cooling system for laptops and All-in-One computers

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Gamers and overclockers will already be familiar with the performance and quiet operation benefits of liquid-cooling the internal components of desktop computer systems. Power users these days are not necessarily sitting in front of the beige base tower of old, however – other formats like the All-in-One and laptops have benefited from significant processing, memory and storage boosts in recent years. We've already seen liquid-cooling specialist Asetek squeeze its technology into a 2.28-inch thick All-in-One prototype, but now the company has developed a slim liquid cooling system for notebooks that's said to improve acoustic and thermal performance without increasing the form factor.

Asetek has chosen to showcase its new cooling solution in an Alienware M18x gaming laptop with the Core i7 processor overclocked to 4.4GHz and the dual GPUs ramped up to 800MHz, which would have been too much for the original heat pipes to handle. Taking advantage of the fact that the CPU and GPUs rarely fully stress at the same time during real world operation, the system interconnects all of the laptop's thermal management modules to extract heat from the CPU and GPUs as needed, effectively borrowing idle cooling capacity from each other. The slim form factor liquid cooling technology's coldplate is also said to have less thermal resistance than a heat pipe.

The upshot is that the Asetek system allows for higher-performance components to be used in thin devices like laptops than would be possible using air-cooled management solutions. In tests, the new technology resulted in an 18 percent performance improvement in the 3D Mark 11 benchmark score, a 16 percent improvement in PCMark Vantage scores, and Futuremark's 3D Mark Vantage score went up by 23 percent.

The following video features the company's Zack Fanning explaining and demonstrating the new slim form factor liquid cooling technology.

Source: Asetek

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With a laptop that spacious, and with cooling technology that advanced, doesn't the option of being able to change out CPU and GPU processors suddenly become a viable one? Wouldn't soldering the processors to the motherboard to help with heat distribution through the mother board traces would no longer be necessary?


i want to have liquid cooling for a gaming pc mounted in a server case inside of a server rack inside a motor coach if i were to drain the coolant into my black tank would this make it so i do not pollute as the microbes would break down the ammonia glycerol and ethanol glycerol i will also be using an anti fungi additive also i can can have small 5 galon holding tank put in for the reservoir normaly a holding tank holds wast water from your toilet and shower and such the toilet water is known as black water and black water tanks are built to a higher standard but they have a fill inlet at the top and a large drain from the bottom just that they are normaly located under the bus making my pump to need to be a bit bigger

now this might be a bit over the top but consider the elevation and loops that would be needed 2 hard drives in my gaming pc the cpu and 2 video cards then a htpc file server with 4 hard drives to start with and expanding to upwards of 8 and a cpu

if i did not liquid cool the file server drives as they will be in raid and not under constant heavy load meaning i might peek the system at 10 percent of max load i am looking at 6 loops 7-8 loops if i cool the chip sets this would solve my cooling needs as most of the heat would be outside of my bus vs air cooling venting into coach

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