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Singer Curvy(TM) Sewing Machines

February 13, 2008 Singer, the company that invented the world’s first portable sewing machine in 1921 and its first computer-controlled machine in 1978, has released a new line designed to eliminate two of sewing's key frustrations - threading the sewing machine and threading the bobbin.  Read More

Alan Prole, Managing Director of Live Smart @ Home in BoKlok display apartment

February 1, 2008 In the latest news from the IKEA affordable housing project in the UK, the first BoKlok display home has been unveiled in Gateshead. A two-bedroom apartment has been fitted out, along with a two-bedroom unit converted to an office/marketing complex that features a BoKlok exhibition area. The apartment and the unit are open now for the public to view.  Read More

Evatech's GOAT R/C mower

January 30, 2008 Humans love grass - an obsession that sees us spending an inordinate amount of time and effort tending to its needs. If you don't mind the time part, the Evatech GOAT radio-control mower can certainly help reduce the effort inherent in keeping your lawn manicured – and its hybrid petrol/electric motor gives it the power to pull a fertilizer spreader, climb 45 degree inclines, or even operate as a snowplow in winter.  Read More

Ace Bayou's Wireless Audio Recliner

January 29, 2008 Media furniture manufacturer Ace Bayou has unveiled the latest addition to its Xfunctional platform - the Wireless Audio Recliner. Designed to utilize the space inside the chair to amplify sound, the new recliner includes wireless capabilities and built-in sound system with two forward-facing speakers and a subwoofer.  Read More

Hoverit releases magnetically-suspended floating lounger

We’ve written before about the EUR 1,200,000 (US$1,750,000) floating bed which uses permanent opposing industrial-strength magnets to enable it to float, so this exquisite floating lounger is by comparison a bargain basement remainder with pricing starting at GBP 5,875 (US$11,500). The British designed, precision engineered Hoverit Lounger is the first of the company's built-by-hand, magnetic ‘hover’ furniture range. Almost magical with its use of magnetism to offer a genuine floating sensation and no-fixed-means-of-support, it’s the ideal thing for a design studio or advertising agency reception area, and the perfect gift for the person who has everything already.  Read More

Jun Murakoshi's multi-functional Shelving Chair

January 23, 2008 Having guests over but not sure where they will sit? Why not use the bookshelf. That's the theory behind the Shelving Chair from Jun Murakoshi Design which subverts the idea that chairs lose all usefulness when stacked away.  Read More

Fire-Pro EWSS system

January 17, 2007 Wildfire has long been a difficult and dangerous problem to manage and weather extremes around the globe in recent years have seen have seen large-scale fire disasters effect the lives of people from California to Greece. In Australia, the world's driest continent, where bushfire is a familiar threat, a D.I.Y., from-the-ground-up protection system for homes has been developed incorporating dedicated sprinkler heads for different areas of the house linked to strategically placed, automatic heat sensors.  Read More

Starry Night™ Sleep Technology Bed

January 8, 2008 It's not the first thing that springs to mind when you think consumer electronics, but this high-tech bed from Leggett & Platt is nonetheless making its mark at the 2008 International CES. The Starry Night™ Sleep Technology Bed packs in a range of entertainment hardware to play with when you are not asleep including Internet connectivity, an iPod docking station, a 1080p projector and a surround sound system with four eight-inch subwoofers. And when you do drift off, there's plenty of technology left over to help you make the most out of your rest - dual programmable temperature control, a diagnostic system that monitors body movement and breathing pattern, plus anti-snore technology which detects vibration caused by snoring and tilts the bed to encourage you to stop.  Read More

Sparrow home security Internet adapter

December 27, 2007 Home security specialist LaserShield Systems, Inc. will introduce what it describes as the first Plug & Go wireless instant home security system for the Internet at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Read More

Victoria EVO glass loudspeakers

December 18, 2007 Waterfall Audio has unveiled two examples of its stunning glass loudspeaker enclosures destined for the American market ahead of the debut of its unique line at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Named after two famous waterfalls in Africa and South America, the Victoria EVO and Iguasçu EVO models consist of slender, hand-crafted glass towers designed to convey the impression of floating speakers with internal “stretched” driver wiring utilized to keep heavy speaker-cabling at floor level and further enhance the clean, elegant impact of the showpiece enclosures.  Read More

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