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'The Rave” massage and music chair'

August 17, 2007 New technology isn't all about mobile phones and processing speed - along the way its also given us some elaborate ways in which to recline in style while relaxing, working, or doing both at the same time. This new addition to the comfy chair genre from Tranquil Ease combines four different types of massage that can be synchronized with music to deliver optimum relaxation.  Read More

Eco-friendly family home

August 13, 2007 A rural family home built recently in Massachusetts has used, among other eco-friendly technologies and systems, insulating glass units that will significantly cut the amount of energy used in the home. The Heat Mirror insulating glass unit from Southwall Technologies is a solar reflective film applied to a window’s interior that prevents the loss of radiant heat through the window at least three times more efficiently than double-pane glass.  Read More

PalmPeeler tackles last frontier of kitchen chores

August 11, 2007 Peeling vegetables has to rate right up there with taking out the garbage and cleaning the latrine as one of the least popular household duties and given the vagaries in the way vegetables grow, a cost-effective machine that does it automatically is probably still a few decades away. In the meantime there’s the PalmPeeler - a gold medal winning device at the Business Week IDEA 2007 awards that promises to reduce global misery by just a few percentage points.  Read More

The Zarafina Tea Maker Suite

August 10, 2007 Those of us that drink tea can be quite particular about it, in fact sometimes getting someone to make a cup on our behalf can be something of a gamble. The Zarafina Tea Maker Suite is designed to keep the tea making process consistent so you can have tea the way you like it every time.  Read More

The Sorapot Teapot

August 7, 2007 Through the years, Alcoa aluminum has been used in everything from airplanes to food packaging to Ferraris, but recently the metal was again cast into one of the first items it had originally been used for over 100 years ago – a teapot. New York-based industrial designer Joey Roth’s unique Sorapot design chose to use Alcoa aluminum for the Sorapot because of its advantages over other materials. Aluminum's light weight and better flow rate provided Roth with the freedom to design exactly the shapes he had in mind, plus the ability of the metal to transfer heat without allowing the water to get too hot for delicate tea leaves is also an advantage.  Read More

Millennia Solar Air-Conditioner

August 5, 2007 Any renewable energy product that can compete with traditional systems is worth applauding and SolCool’s solar powered, Millennia 4.0 HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) air conditioner falls squarely into this category. The two-ton air conditioning system uses 75 percent less energy compared with equivalent high efficiency conventional systems according to the manufacturers and with a 6 to 18 hour battery bank capability, the Millennia can run 24/7 whilst relying very little on renewable energy to deliver near zero emission climate control.  Read More

Wanted: self-cleaning stove tops and garbage cans

August 5, 2007 Inventors and entrepreneurs take note; a new study in the United States has revealed that Americans are craving new technology that would enable them to relinquish more of their household chores. This seem a little obvious, but the catch is finding someone to invent the laundry folding dryer or the self-cleaning garbage can to meet the growing demands on the wish list of time-poor consumers.  Read More

Staircase Drawers: a brilliant storage idea

August 3, 2007 Storage under staircases has been around for years. But as reported by Inhabitat this new system takes it one step further and leaves you wondering why you didn’t think of this first. A simple yet obvious idea from Unicraft Joinery in Australia has resulted in an innovative under-the-staircase drawer solution using each step as storage drawer. The space underneath each staircase step is used as a drawer which is a great way to utilize a generally overlooked space. Step up and open the drawer which can be used for many and varied purposes with the only problem being remembering which drawer held what.  Read More

LLC’s Cool-or-Heat Pad – an electric blanket that’s useful all year round

August 3, 2007 Electric blankets are a boon for those who want to avoid the winter cold but they quickly become redundant during the warmer months of the year. LLC has pounced on this gaping hole in functionality by producing an electric blanket that can switch between both ends of the temperature scale, helping slash air conditioning bills in the summer as well as heating bills in the winter. The quiet, slim Cool-or-Hear Pad can oscillate between a 70 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit (21 - 35.5 degrees Celsius) and is available now for US$200.  Read More

Vornado room air circulator

August 3, 2007 From palm leaf waving ancient Egyptians to the punkah fans of the Middle East and the first appearance of the electric desk fan in the late nineteenth century, the quest to keep cool has undergone steady improvements over time. The Vornado room air circulator is continuing this tradition with a design tailored to operate more effectively than a normal fan by circulating air around the whole room for constant air movement, rather than just blowing air in one direction. Though not an entirely new concept, the latest design achieves a tight vortex airflow that is drawn back around the perimeter of the room and recirculated to provide constant airflow and a more even temperature throughout the entire area. The AirTensity Grill acts as a flow-straightener and further assists in focusing the outward stream of air into a tight vortex airflow. This high velocity Vortex Beam of Air actually projects across the room pulling even more air into its beam. As the beam of air reaches the other side of the room, it is drawn back around the perimeter of the room and ultimately back to the circulator to be recharged again through this continuous cycle.  Read More

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