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The transparent toaster concept from Inventables

December 10, 2007 No matter how sophisticated our toasters have become in the last 50 years, they still haven't managed to overcome one simple problem: how do you make sure your toast comes out exactly how you like it? The transparent toaster concept from Inventibles uses heated glass technology to let you watch your slices gradually browning over so you can pull them when they're perfect. Are we looking at the Toaster 2.0 here?  Read More

Intelligent domestic watering system regulator

December 5, 2007 Effective use and management of precious water resources is increasingly a key concern for many countries. Two products from Agrilink offer optimization of irrigation scheduling via advanced soil moisture monitoring technology that promise vast water-savings for the environment.  Read More

Magus compact loudspeakers

November 30, 2007 The new Magus compact loudspeakers from Teresonic combine quality audio and environmental efficiency in a unique casing. The speaker gets the most out of its low wattage, thereby offering power savings without compromising on sound quality.  Read More

Page’ Up - Zoo

November 27, 2007 Much attention is placed on ergonomic keyboard and chair design these days, but the key fact that typing while looking at sheets of paper usually involves twisting your neck in ways that would require years of Yoga to master is often overlooked. The Page’ Up document holder offer an effective and unobtrusive solution – and they’re currently adorning the desks of 15 million users in 42 countries.  Read More

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

November 26, 2007 American Innovative has released a successor to their Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock. The new Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock is a fully customizable 7-day Alarm Clock with everything from the backlight brightness (three levels of brightness or off altogether) to the total alarm duration being fully adjustable. The new model features the first-ever "preferences menu" in a clock radio and snooze duration, sleep and nap timer options are carried over from the original. If you're not a tinkerer however, these advanced features stay out of your way.  Read More

Projection Clock with Color Weather Forecast

November 22, 2007 Oregon Scientific has added its range of weather monitoring smart clocks with a Projection Clock that constantly reacts to forecasted weather from 12-24 hours in advance, changing its display color to red, light blue, blue, orange or green depending on the anticipated conditions.  Read More

Electrolux Color Passion range

November 16, 2007 The term “whitegoods” may be headed for the scrap heap. Over the past few years, silver, grey and black have crept into the color scheme for bulky household appliances and now Electrolux has expanded on the trend by announcing its Color Passion range of kitchen and laundry appliances in a number of vibrant hues.  Read More

Looj gutter cleaning robot

November 14, 2007 The Looj remote controlled gutter cleaning bot from home robotics specialists iRobot has been announced the winner of the Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the Home Appliance category in the 2008 International Consumer Electronic Showcase (CES).  Read More

Waterdrop Weather Station

November 1, 2007 It’s 6am, dark, the alarm is buzzing and you can’t find the snooze button. If that’s your worst nightmare then perhaps this rather novel clock and weather station from the Sharper Image is the solution.  Read More

Boklok flats

October 22, 2007 Following our report earlier this month that applications had opened for the innovative BoKlok housing project in the UK, approval has been granted for even more of the homes to be built at Gateshead in the UK.  Read More

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