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Review: Foscam's pan-and-tilt R2 security camera fills the blind spots

Security cameras can provide homeowners with a certain peace of mind and plug-and-play technology has made them easier to install, but a static camera is often difficult to site and has frustrating blind spots. Foscam's R2 wireless interior camera provides more flexibility with a motorized pan-and-tilt mount that can swivel to take in an entire area. We got hold of one along with the company's FI9900P outdoor camera to see what we could see.Read More

Black+Decker launches Smartech connected battery

Black+Decker, the maker of home and gardening tools, is launching a new range of products featuring Smartech battery technology, which adds automation and connectivity to tools by enabling the battery with Bluetooth so users can interact with it through an app.Read More

Samsung's new smart fridge lets you check in on its contents through internal cameras

With a back catalogue of fridges featuring sparkling water dispensers, independent cooling zones and touchscreens of all shapes and sizes, these days it might be more surprising if Samsung rolled in to CES without some kind of wacky refrigerator in tow. For this year's event, the Korean electronics giant has wheeled out a connected fridge with internal cameras so you can peer inside using your phone when you're out and about. After numerous false starts, could it be Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator that earns this everyday appliance a place at the table of the Internet of Things?Read More

Withings Thermo thermometer boasts a 16-sensor array and Wi-Fi

The Withings Thermo is a temporal artery thermometer which combines a new super fast 16-sensor array to deliver some of the fastest and most accurate temperature readings available. The Thermo also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing smartphone users to log readings, along with other information such as symptoms and medication.Read More

Gourmia kitchen robot assists chefs with hands-free cooking

Whether it's dinner for two or an entire family, preparing multiple dishes can challenge chefs when it comes to space, available stove burners, and time/temperature maintenance. And with only one pair of hands, the cook has to be vigilant so that food doesn't overcook or scorch. The latest appliance from Gourmia is designed to fill the role of kitchen assistant. This 10-in-1 Multi-Function Robotic Cooker offers a selection of cooking styles and controls to help make meal preparation easier.Read More

Automist Smartscan puts a targeted fire-fighting mist jet in the wall

With regular ceiling-mounted sprinkler systems, the whole room gets soaked when fire is detected ‚Äď even if the flames themselves are just in one part of the room. London-based tech firm Plumis, however, is out to change that. The sprinklers for its Automist Smartscan system are located in the walls, and they only target areas where fire is present. As a result, the system reportedly uses 90 percent less water, causing much less water damage while offering the same fire-fighting performance as ceiling systems.Read More

LG looks to centralize communications between home appliances with SmartThinQ Hub

If the launch of its Internet Refrigerator more than a decade ago didn't get the point across, then its steady stream of other smart fridges, washers and other appliances since certainly did. LG is a big believer in the connected home, and at CES next week it will showcase a new device targeted at those of a similar faith. Its SmartThinQ Hub is designed as a communication center for a home's smart appliances, while serving as a speaker and notification system at the same time.Read More


Review: Does the CleverLoop security system keep you in the loop?

Once the reserve of the rich and the tech obsessed, home security systems have become as affordable and simple to use as a wireless stereo speaker. Yet another entry into this ever-expanding field is the CleverLoop video security system, which comes in a variety of configurations and is aimed at renters and small businesses. We recently got hold of one and put it through its paces.Read More


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