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LG looks to centralize communications between home appliances with SmartThinQ Hub

If the launch of its Internet Refrigerator more than a decade ago didn't get the point across, then its steady stream of other smart fridges, washers and other appliances since certainly did. LG is a big believer in the connected home, and at CES next week it will showcase a new device targeted at those of a similar faith. Its SmartThinQ Hub is designed as a communication center for a home's smart appliances, while serving as a speaker and notification system at the same time.Read More


Review: Does the CleverLoop security system keep you in the loop?

Once the reserve of the rich and the tech obsessed, home security systems have become as affordable and simple to use as a wireless stereo speaker. Yet another entry into this ever-expanding field is the CleverLoop video security system, which comes in a variety of configurations and is aimed at renters and small businesses. We recently got hold of one and put it through its paces.Read More

Cordless home security robot monitors from light bulb sockets

Advancements in connected security systems have provided people with affordable, user-friendly ways to keep an eye on things when no one is home. The latest product from Amderstam-based Amaryllo incorporates robotics and smart features for enhanced vigilance. The iCamPro Deluxe camera is designed to talk, hear, detect faces, and track intruders with 360-degree movement.Read More

Adorn makes up makeup, custom-colored to its user

Finding the right foundation makeup can be a real chore – or at least, so we're told. Users have to select a shade that looks like a close-enough match to their natural skin tone, perhaps just to find out later that it isn't. Additionally, even if it is a match when they buy it, factors such as tanning of the skin can change that fact over time. That's why Adorn was invented. It's a portable "3D makeup printer" that creates foundation makeup, custom-toned to the user.Read More

Makeup mirror mimics lighting conditions that you provide

Although light-equipped mirrors are currently used for applying cosmetics, they can only show users what their makeup will look like in that one type of light. This means that if you're going to be spending your day in a fluorescent-lit office, for example, then a mirror with halogen lights isn't the best way to go. That's why simplehuman created the Wide-View Sensor Mirror. Its full-spectrum LED lighting can replicate a variety of color temperatures, on demand.Read More

Hamwells e-Shower rains down water and energy savings

In the move toward sustainable homes, the progress of showers has been more of a trickle. Ten minutes in a traditional shower can use up to 100 l (22 gal) of water. The Hamwells e-Shower, however, promises high pressure and volume, while saving up to 90 percent on water and 80 percent on energy.Read More

Smart lamp takes indoor lighting in a new direction

Most modern lighting operation is fairly straightforward – switches flip on/off, maybe even dim. More recently connected bulbs have offered the additional benefits of wireless settings, and some even double as speakers. Now directional control is being added to the smart lighting mix. The Fluxo smart lamp is designed to cast light, directly and/or indirectly, with simple finger swipes on a mobile device.Read More


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