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The Fresh shrinking milk jug

Milk goes sour in about a week, even if you keep it in the fridge. That's because Lactobacillus, the "good bacteria" that's found in yogurt, is constantly going about the job of oxidizing the lactose sugars in the milk into sour-tasting lactic acid - the same chemical that makes your muscles sore after exercise. But since this souring process requires the presence of oxygen, theoretically it could be slowed down even further if you kept the milk out of contact with oxygen. Rather than going with a high-tech nitrous contraption like the N2Wine globes we wrote about recently, one entrant to this year's James Dyson awards has come up with something devilishly simple: a shrinking milk jug that squeezes all the air out as you empty it. The inventor claims it lets milk last as much as a week longer. Simple and brilliant!  Read More

The solar powered robotic pool skimmer

For many a pool owner, removing the assorted leaves, bugs and other foliage that finds its way into the water can be a drain on their time in the backyard. Enter the smart Solar Powered Pool Skimmer, which not only takes the elbow grease out of keeping the pool sparkling, but as the name suggests, adds the bonus of being powered by the sun.  Read More

The Eternaleds HydraLux-4 liquid-cooled LED bulb

Liquid-cooled PCs are a mainstay for PC enthusiasts looking to eek every last bit of performance from their beloved machines and now it seems this approach has reached the world of the LED light bulb. A company called Eternaleds has introduced the HydraLux-4 LED Bulb, the world’s first LED light bulb to use "liquid-cooling technology" to give a true 360-degree light like a regular incandescent light bulb.  Read More

The Bedol Eco - Friendly Water Powered Clock

Anything that flies the green flag is a welcome addition to the array of resource depleting devices in our homes. The Bedol Eco – Friendly Water Powered Clock is as environmentally sound as they come – literally just add water.  Read More

Polished aluminum finish, tilt orientation sensor and touch sensitive backlight operation ...

Inspired by Mozart's famous Opera, the new Beotime alarm clock will, according to its creator Bang & Olufsen, turn the chore of waking up in the morning into an "extraordinary experience". As well as finding all the usual functionality of a standard alarm clock onboard, the elegant flute-like tube of aluminum can help you control all of your (compatible) audio/video gadgetry and even your room lights. As the suggested price tag of USD$375 indicates, this is no run-of-the-mill alarm clock.  Read More

The Flux foldable chair folds flat when not in use but, in just ten seconds, transforms in...

For purity of design and construction, the Flux chair is hard to beat. Fashioned out of a single piece of completely recyclable polypropylene, the Flux turns itself into a flat, self-contained “envelope” for ease of transport or storage. But then, in ten seconds, it can be folded out to transform into a beautiful piece of designer furniture.  Read More

The Amana Jot Refrigerator makes punishment easy too

There’s no doubt the refrigerator is the central hub of the kitchen, serving more than its primary purpose of keeping things cold. In recent years we’ve seen fridge manufacturers pack their products with all manner of technological additions, from iPod docks to touch screens and TVs. In most households though, the humble fridge remains a central place to stick notes that are sure to be seen. Whirlpool has saved us the hassle of hunting for a scrap of paper on which to scribble such missives with the Amana Jot refrigerator.  Read More

Recharge Mower electric mower is charged overnight and provides up to three hours of mowin...

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly-cut grass to bring back fond childhood memories of summer…alongside less fond memories of the sickly, sweet smell of mower fuel and the sound of cursing all over the neighborhood as people failed to get their lawn mower started. It’s no wonder that electric mowers have become so popular in recent times given they are easy to operate, quiet, require little maintenance and don’t strain your back (or your good mood) trying to start them. They are also much better for the environment than their fuel-guzzling two-stroke engine ancestors. The Recharge Mower offers all these benefits - and you don't have to push it.  Read More

The +ECO Clima Control solar powered weather station

Oregon Scientific’s solar powered +ECO Clima Control weather station allows users to monitor the temperature and humidity in up to four locations within the home and outdoors and includes weather predictions on the best time for the unit to soak up the sun’s rays.  Read More

The Base Mate Easy Connect attaches to your ladder to give added stability and strength

It's estimated that more than 222,000 people are sent to emergency rooms across the USA each year as a result of ladder-related injuries. Even without this alarming statistic, it's obvious that your safety depends on the ladder being on a firm, even surface, whether you are on a building site or just doing some odd jobs around the home. The Base Mate Easy Connect is designed to improve stability by attaching to the base of your existing ladder to provide a wide, strong and supportive base, even when the ground surface is less than ideal.  Read More

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