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Package Guard takes alarming approach to porch pirates

Compulsive shoppers aren't the only ones benefitting from the rise of online retailers, with unattended packages providing plenty of opportunity for porch plunderers. The Package Guard is a simple solution designed to scare off shady characters by sounding an alarm when a delivery is removed by someone other than the intended recipient.Read More

Device turns butter into succulent spray

Butter. It has to be kept cold and hard, yet it's easiest to use when it's warm and soft. Many a slice of fresh bread or toast has fallen victim to this fact. Texas-based inventor Doug Foreman, however, decided to do something about it. His biēm device is loaded with a stick of cold butter, and delivers it onto food in spray form.Read More

An incubator for the afterlife

Using cremation ashes to help grow a tree is an elegant, sensitive and natural way to memorialize someone after their death. This is what the Bios Urn, from a Barcelona-based company of the same name, is designed to do. The new Bios Incube provides more freedom and control in doing so.Read More

Amazon's new Echo Dot and Tap make Alexa more portable ... sort of

Amazon wants to make it easier to add its voice-controlled assistant, Alexa, to any room in the home by offering a pair of new, smaller versions of Amazon Echo, the original tabletop Bluetooth speaker inhabited by Alexa. Echo Dot and Amazon Tap are both smaller than the original Echo and Tap is even portable, but was too much sacrificed in the design to keep them from being the next go-to digital assistant?Read More


Review: Dyson Small Ball packs full features in half the size

Dyson started off with its signature upright vacuum cleaners, then expanded with a line of portable handhelds based on the same technology. Now the company is filling in the gap with the Dyson Small Ball – a small upright that claims to pack features comparable to a full upright in half the size. We dirtied up the place and put the Small Ball to the test.Read More

Richard Mille RMS05 fountain pen blends writing with precision watchmaking

Generally, the fountain pen is regarded as as outdated as the horse-drawn Zeppelin, but in upmarket circles it's still a symbol of luxury and status. Precision mechanical watches are still made for a similar reason, and Richard Mille is taking the simile even further by creating the US$105,000 RMS05 fountain pen that runs off a self-winding Swiss movement.Read More

Youmo modular power strip provides customizable sockets

The problem with power strips is that available sockets can soon run out, meaning you have to go out and buy new ones with more sockets. The Youmo modular power strip lets you add on additional sockets when needed, and also tag on USB ports for charging mobile gadgets.Read More


Review: The Duke will get ya on your feet – or on your butt

We've been hearing a lot about the detrimental effects of sitting too much, and how standing desks can help minimize the problem. If you've already got a perfectly good regular desk, though, do you really want to replace it? That's why some companies are now offering standing desk "converters," that sit on top of a normal desk – some of the fancier ones even let you switch between sitting and standing modes. We recently tried out just such a beast, in the form of BTOD's grandly-named The Duke.Read More


Review: Ditching the cookbook for Key Ingredient's Recipe Reader HD+

Just as regular tablets have tried to muscle in on the popularity of magazines and books, recipe tablets, too, have their printed-and-bound counterparts in their sights. And with millions of recipes loaded onto splashproof, digitized pages, the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader HD+ does offer some incentive to leave the stained and dog-eared paper of your favorite cookbooks behind. But does this kitchen-specific tablet really offer anything that a regular tablet does not? Join Gizmag, as we don our chef's hats to see what's cooking. Read More


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