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Yecup 365 travel mug brings drinks to preferred temp – hot or cold

Similar to the Ember mug, but designed for both hot and cold beverages, the all-new Yecup 365 from Armenian company Yecup Technologies is claimed to bring your drink to just the right temperature and keep it there for hours. It heats your coffee or tea from lukewarm to piping hot and cools your water or Gatorade from room temperature to comfortably chilled. Beyond beverage service, it can also charge your smartphone or tablet. If the Yecup 365 makes it through to production, it will set new IQ standards for the "smart" travel mug.Read More

The Keurig of wine? This smart bottle gives you a fresh glass every time

It's not uncommon for a couple to pop open a bottle of wine to consume all in one night. But personal tastes are as varied as the vintage, aromas, and depth of flavor of the wines themselves. Even the decision between an oak- or steel-barreled chardonnay can be sharply divisive. The Kuvée smart wine bottle helps to eliminate such arguing by allowing individual choice, no matter how many, one glass at a time.Read More

Multifunctional hand truck works as a wagon, bike trailer and more

Hand trucks, wagons and mover's dollies are all handy tools with their own uses. Unless you have a regular need for each one, you probably don't want to devote the money and storage space needed to own all three, though. With the Erovr, you don't have to. This multifunctional gear hauler folds and snaps into all those tools and more, giving you numerous ways of rolling belongings around the home, driveway and beyond.
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Keep your voice in a pot, pour it out when you're done

There are some big booths on display on the floor of the trade show at this year's SXSW festival, but in a quiet (relatively speaking, of course) corner of the show there are two graduate students from Japan showing off a sweet little piece of technology. Called Otopot, the device lets you store and then pour away your voice like water.Read More

Package Guard takes alarming approach to porch pirates

Compulsive shoppers aren't the only ones benefitting from the rise of online retailers, with unattended packages providing plenty of opportunity for porch plunderers. The Package Guard is a simple solution designed to scare off shady characters by sounding an alarm when a delivery is removed by someone other than the intended recipient.Read More


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