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Smart clothes peg pings your phone when there's rain on the way

A quick turn in the weather can bring undone even the most carefully planned loads of washing, so detergent maker Omo is tapping into the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer a helping hand. Peggy is a smart clothes-peg prototype that uses a number of sensors and local weather information to tell you when the washing is dry and ping you when rain's on the way to prevent you drying the same load twice.Read More

Desktop device brings laser-cutting home

There was a time when the only 3D-printed items that most of us ever saw were created at places like universities or industrial design houses – now, thanks to the plethora of consumer 3D printers out there, that's no longer the case. Well, the German designers of Mr. Beam II are hoping that their new device will likewise democratize the world of laser cutting and engraving. Read More

Smart spray paint copies color photos onto walls

Spray paint is a notoriously tricky medium to control with a reliable level of accuracy. Fortunately for would-be muralists everywhere, researchers have invented a "smart" spray paint system that can use regular cans of paint to re-create photo images as spray-painted murals on walls or other large surfaces. Read More

Control Freak offers accurate temperature controlled induction cooking

Anyone who's tried to poach the perfect egg will know the average induction cooker isn't a precision instrument. You need the water to be around 185° F (85° C), but does that mean turning the knob to low, medium or high? Is it somewhere in between? It's enough to drive any Heston Blumenthal wannabe insane. The solution may have come, in the form of the Control Freak induction cooking system, which lets you dial in an exact temperature and maintain it for perfect poaching, blanching, boiling and broiling every time.Read More

Now even your wine habit can get connected to the Internet of Things

With everything from your front door to your washing machine getting smarter thanks to embedded computer technology, it seems it was only a matter of time for something else to get some smarts — your wine dispenser. That's exactly what's coming down the pike if a new Kickstarter campaign for a product called Somm is successful.Read More

Ryobi opens the door for modular, app-connected garages

Ryobi, best known for its power tools, has given its new motorized garage door opener added functionality thanks to modular design and app-connected smarts. The Ultra Quiet Garage Door Opener can also serve as a carbon monoxide sensor, wireless speaker, cooling fan or parking assistant if you're open to mixing and matching the brand's plug-and-play modules.Read More

Yecup 365 travel mug brings drinks to preferred temp – hot or cold

Similar to the Ember mug, but designed for both hot and cold beverages, the all-new Yecup 365 from Armenian company Yecup Technologies is claimed to bring your drink to just the right temperature and keep it there for hours. It heats your coffee or tea from lukewarm to piping hot and cools your water or Gatorade from room temperature to comfortably chilled. Beyond beverage service, it can also charge your smartphone or tablet. If the Yecup 365 makes it through to production, it will set new IQ standards for the "smart" travel mug.Read More


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