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Fast-drying toilet brush keeps your crapper looking dapper

Inventor Garry Stewart is sick of your crap. He believes it's time to ditch dripping plastic toilet brush bristles and he's invented a new weapon for taking the battle to the porcelain throne. The LooBlade instead uses a smooth silicone head designed to cut down on cleaning time and leave most of the mess in the can where it belongs.Read More

PlayWood puts the play in furniture design

If you've ever fancied making your own furniture, now's your chance. PlayWood allows users to design and build pieces of furniture using special connectors and other materials of their choice. It's possible to make everything from chairs to tables to storage solutions.Read More

Netflix Switch sets up the perfect lazy evening with one press

Netflix has made it easier than ever to hit the snooze button on productivity, creating a single button that's your one-stop portal to a lazy evening. Hit that big white button and the lights will dim, pesky smartphone notifications will cease, the streaming service will power up and an order will be placed at your favorite take out. Sounds pretty good, but there is a bit of a catch – you'll have to make it yourself.
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New generation CubeSensors launch as Koto smart sensors

We were impressed with CubeSensors home and office environment sensors when we tried them earlier this year, though we did have some minor grumbles. Now, the firm behind them is hoping to crowdfund a trio of new generation sensors on Indiegogo. The Koto smart sensors are said to address most of the issues we had with the original CubeSensors, along with adding new features such as IFTTT support and storm warnings.Read More

Skarp Razor shaves with lasers instead of metal blades

Laser technology has come a long way over the decades, having made leaps from science fiction to science fact within the medical field, manufacturing, and even as a "death star" beam to help unlock the mysteries of the universe. But the latest laser-enabled concept is something the average consumer can more readily appreciate. The Skarp Razor may become the first-ever personal shaving tool powered by a laser.Read More


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