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Skarp Razor shaves with lasers instead of metal blades

Laser technology has come a long way over the decades, having made leaps from science fiction to science fact within the medical field, manufacturing, and even as a "death star" beam to help unlock the mysteries of the universe. But the latest laser-enabled concept is something the average consumer can more readily appreciate. The Skarp Razor may become the first-ever personal shaving tool powered by a laser.Read More

Wi-Fi-connected Roomba 980 maps a better route

Earlier generations of iRobot's Roomba vacuum-cleaners picked up dirt, but they also had a reputation for blundering about in random patterns while relying on contact and infrared sensors to keep them on course and out of harm's way. Seeking something a bit more intelligent, the seventh generation Roomba 980 is the first of the line of hockey puck-shaped robots to include an intelligent visual navigation system that allows it to map out rooms and clean them with greater efficiency.Read More

Aquor hose adapter does away with screw-in connectors

Not much has changed in the way we plug in hoses over the years, with the male/female thread connectors for the most part keeping our gardening gear locked and loaded. But Seattle-based startup Aquor believes there is room for improvement, developing a plug-and-play adapter that connects hoses and accessories with a simple push and twist in less than a second.Read More

Angee automated home security system doubles as a personal assistant

The relentless march of technology has helped make home security systems a more affordable option for homeowners, while the ubiquity of home wireless networks has helped extend their capabilities and ease of use. San Francisco-based startup Angee Inc. is looking to take things a bit further by adding some computer smarts to create an automated security system that is portable and doubles as a personal assistant.Read More

Bulbing Lamps create light from optical illusions

Lighting can make or break a room. Get it right and the room comes to life when the curtains are drawn. Get it wrong and the room can seem cold, dark and soulless. Novelty lamps can draw the eye, providing a focal point and conversation starter, and the Bulbing Lamps from Studio Cheha fit the bill perfectly.Read More

Frame displays downloaded artwork on 4K screen

Remember digital picture frames, those LCD screens that displayed peoples' snapshots? They're still around, but their low resolution has relegated many of them to garage sales and closets. Well, Frame is like a digital picture frame on steroids. It has a 50-inch 4K screen, and its accompanying app allows users to download works of visual art for ultra high-definition display.Read More

The Circo dishwasher has a handle on washing dishes

This student designed dishwasher should be much cheaper to buy or run than the typical model. There's a reason for that – it's powered by hand. The Circo manual dishwasher is designed for use where space is limited, or by people who cannot afford an electric dishwasher.Read More

EverBlock: Supersized Lego for modular building

New York City-based entrepreneur, investor, and perennial tinkerer Arnon Rosan drew inspiration from everyone's favorite construction toy to create a modular building system. Functioning very much like supersized Lego, EverBlock is promoted as suitable for building modular furniture, dividing walls, and even a habitable shelter – no glue, or specialist tools required.Read More


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