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Beagle sniffs out a healthy home

Most of us spend the vast majority of our time indoors, but how healthy are those indoor environments? A new set of sensors can tell you, so that you can make changes to optimize your environments for well-being. Beagle can track temperature, noise, light, air pressure, air quality and humidity.Read More

FoldFlat food containers bend like origami for smarter storage

Plastic food containers like Tupperware are great for storing leftovers, but when it comes to stowing away the containers themselves there is no avoiding wasted space and misplaced lids. So UK-based inventor Ben Strange is hoping to tidy up your cluttered kitchen cabinet with a container that folds up flat inside its lid.Read More

Flosstime helps sloppy flossers create a habit

Flossing is one of those chores many of us don't look forward to, but it's essential to good oral hygiene. That's why the folks at Flosstime in California have created a solution to make this element of personal hygiene a routine we can enjoy – or at least, one that we remember to do.Read More

Teforia infuser promises the perfect cuppa, whatever the blend

There are not only six basic types of tea, but a bewildering number of varieties and blends that often demand a very specific method of brewing to bring out their best flavor. The Teforia infuser from the eponymous Mountain View, California startup is designed to help users more easily navigate these waters, using a proprietary Selective Infusion Process (SIP) technology to not only tailor the brewing to the tea, but also allow the user to control factors like caffeine and antioxidant levels.Read More

"Hey Siri, movie time!" Nanoleaf Smarter Kit connects home lighting with voice control

Internet-connected LED bulbs offer greater energy efficiency and remote-controlled operation over their standard counterparts. As the use of mobile apps to switch and/or dim lights is becoming more mainstream, some companies are taking the next step towards futuristic sophistication. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is designed to provide smart lighting control through voice commands given to Siri.Read More

The MiniBrew works like an auto coffeemaker for beer

Just like its more formal sibling, craft brewing, home brewing has exploded in popularity in the United States in recent years, and if startups have anything to say about it, the category should keep on growing. Joining the Pico brewer on the crowdfunding circuit, the MiniBrew is another all-in-one countertop brewing system that makes brewing beer nearly as easy – though more time-consuming overall – as brewing coffee.
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The Shadowplay clock requires a human touch to tell the time

Shadowplay strips the clock back to its basic elements, with an empty clock face bathed in light from the LEDs embedded in its plywood frame. There are no numbers, and no hands, at least until someone touches the clock face, at which point the time is picked out in two shadowy streaks which extend past the edge of the clock.
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Pico countertop craft automatic brewery for the inexperienced home brewer

In 2013, PicoBrew unveiled its Zymatic automatic beer brewing appliance, which was marketed to professional microbreweries as a way to create high-quality, repeatable test batches of new beer recipes. Now the Seattle-based startup has launched the PicoBrew Pico on Kickstarter. A smaller, more stylish version of the Zymatic, it's aimed at the home brewer with little or no experience, but a desire to make craft beer with as little effort and mess as possible.Read More

Modular guitar racks designed for the living room

Many guitarists are also gear-head collectors and will likely have more than a few instruments lying about in a spare room, basement studio or loft conversion. The tidier among us may even have our most-used axes lined up and ready to rock in a guitar rack. But a rack in the living room? Unlikely. However, DRS Racks' modular storage system may just be attractive and practical enough to take center stage in the home's main living space.Read More


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