Architects don't cut corners with trio of Jenga-like towers

ODA New York has unveiled a bold and ambitious project slated for South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 416-420 Kent Avenue comprises a trio of blocky residential towers, each with an unusual Jenga-like form that serves to maximize natural light and views, while also creating outdoor terraces for some occupants.Read More

China's tallest building on the rise

Construction is well underway on the Wuhan Greenland Center. Claimed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects as the world's third tallest building, the supertall skyscraper is due for completion in 2017 and looks set to become the tallest building in China.Read More

Living in a box: One man's unusual way to cut rental costs

When Illustrator Peter Berkowitz found that house rental costs in San Francisco were too expensive for his budget, he did a bit of outside the box thinking (well, technically inside it) and enlisted the help of some handy friends. Together they built a small wooden pod for US$1,300, with Berkowitz then installing the Living Pod in the living room of a pal's house and paying $400 per month in rent.Read More

Copenhagen is getting three new islands

Students and residents in Copenhagen, Denmark, will soon have an intriguing new waterside environment for education and recreation. The Nordhavn Islands are three circular manmade islands on the coast that will cater for learning, watersports and events, as well as host a new vegetation environment.Read More

The uncompromising works of starchitect Zaha Hadid

Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid has passed away suddenly from a heart attack in Miami, Florida, following her hospitalization for bronchitis. Hadid was 65 years old and is widely considered the most important female architect of all time. Let's look back on some of her most memorable works.Read More

A look inside Slack's new Asian outpost

Few startups have rocketed to fame like instant messaging service Slack. Since its 2014 launch, it has amassed more than two million daily users and now sits among the likes of Snapchat and Airbnb as one of Silicon Valley's uber rich success stories. And with explosive growth comes the millions of dollars, ventures into new regions and apparently, swanky new offices tucked away inside old breweries. Gizmag was on hand as Slack cut the ribbon at its new Melbourne headquarters to have a little poke around.Read More

Wembley Theatre puts a new spin on theater in the round

You're likely familiar with the concept of "theater in the round," in which the stage is surrounded by the audience on all sides. London's new Wembley Theater, however, will turn that on its head, with the audience surrounded by the stage and seated on a 360-degree rotating turntable.Read More

Aurora, the interactive kinetic ceiling

Architect and designer Behnaz Farahi likes movement. Last year she created a 3D-printed shirt that responds to the way a person looks at it. Now, she's taken her responsive design ethos a bit higher — all the way to the ceiling to be exact. Farahi has installed a kinetic ceiling at the University of Southern California that reacts and moves in response to the people walking beneath it.Read More


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