Clay Roof House keeps cool with a twist of terracotta

Malaysia's Drtan Lm Architect was recently commissioned to undertake an extensive renovation of an old dilapidated house. The firm quickly found that the home contained a large number of intact terracotta tiles and the decision was made to recycle them into a sun-shading brise soleil.Read More

Hole in the ground wins skyscraper competition

Imagine standing on the edge of New York's Central Park and looking down into a 1.3-sq mile (3.4-sq km) sunken expanse of mountains and lakes. This is the award-winning concept dreamt up by Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu, who have envisioned digging down to the bedrock of the park to create a more natural landscape.Read More

Prefab small home appears to float in mid-air

Portuguese prefabricated housing firm Mima Housing recently unveiled its latest design, the Mima Light. Featuring a mirrored base section that makes it appear to float in mid-air, the compact prefab comes in multiple sizes and configurations, including the ability to run off-the-grid.Read More

Ground broken on loopy Infinity tower

Work has begun on a new luxury tower that will be the centerpiece of the redeveloped Green Square area in Sydney, Australia. Infinity by Crown Group has a distinctive looped design that is pulled down towards one corner to accommodate tiered garden apartments and a rooftop terrace.Read More

Living on the edge: Casa Brutale combines brutalism with Bond villain-chic

Imagine, for a moment, that you're a super-villain searching for the perfect secret lair. You could do worse than Casa Brutale: a remarkable project that combines brutalist muscle with James Bond villain-chic. More than mere fanciful rendering, it's about to begin construction in Lebanon and is expected to be completed in 2018, with an estimated budget of US$2.5 million.Read More


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