OAS1S imagines sustainable "treescraper" communities

Here's a concept for a forest retreat that's a little different from the norm. Holland's OAS1S has envisioned an eponymous community of dwellings that are covered in greenery and resemble trees. Constructed from recycled wood and operating off-grid with the use of sustainable technology, the whimsical homes – or "treescrapers" – would make walking along your street feel more like a stroll through a forest.Read More

CTBUH names Best Tall Buildings of 2015

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has revealed the winners of 2015's Best Tall Building competition. Comprising four categories: Americas, Asia and Australasia, Europe, and Middle East and Africa, the awards highlight some of the best new skyscrapers around the globe.Read More


State of the Game: The world's tallest buildings, now and in 2020

Like so many of humanity's greatest accomplishments, there's very little practicality behind the world's tallest buildings. They tower over their surrounding cities as gigantic monuments to human engineering brilliance, their mind-bending heights seemingly in blatant defiance of physics. Of course, they're also the ultimate status symbol for those that go beyond mega-rich – all of these buildings could be viewed as billion-dollar phallic vanity projects, and in that regard it's interesting to note that by 2020, all the top five tallest buildings in the world will be located in status-hungry China and the ostentatious, oil-rich Middle East. Enjoy our short video presentation after the jump.Read More

RIBA selects Britain's best new buildings

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has revealed the winners of its 2015 National Awards. While last year was dominated by massive projects like the Shard and the Library of Birmingham, this year is marked by an increase in housing projects, which make up a quarter of the overall winners.

Read More

$2,500 home built for low-income Cambodians

Building Trust International, Atelier COLE, and Habitat for Humanity Cambodia have collaborated on a project to create affordable housing for low-income Cambodians. The result, dubbed Framework House, is a sustainable home that is built primarily from bamboo and wood, and it costs just US$2,500 to build.Read More

Gizmag's top 10 pavilions from EXPO 2015

Gizmag recently took a tour through the impressive grounds of World Expo 2015, which opened in Milan last month and features exhibitions from 143 participating countries. Here we've put together a list of our top 10 pavilions – the cream of a very fine crop which are a must see for anyone planning a visit to the Expo or those simply keen for a closer look at the best of what's on offer.Read More


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