ModRoof promises a safer shelter for low-income families

Metal and concrete corrugated roofs are a ubiquitous feature on homes and shelters worldwide due to their low-cost, but they're really not very good at their job. Both are poor insulators, notoriously prone to leaks and can contain dangerous substances like asbestos ... plus they're not easy to sleep under during a monsoonal downpour. Indian startup ReMaterials reckons it has a better solution with its sustainable, modular roofing system called ModRoof.Read More

Off-grid writer's retreat offers a tiny place to create

Boston-based startup Getaway was recently formed by a group of Harvard students to provide tiny houses for rent to those wanting to escape the grind or give tiny living a test-drive (something we'd recommend trying before diving in with both feet). Its latest diminutive dwelling, the Lorraine, offers up to two occupants a comfortable off-grid writer's retreat, well-provisioned with everything that's required to get in the mood to create.Read More

Convertible apartment increases living space by 70 percent

Pressures on space and money are making space-saving apartments increasingly popular. New Convertible Spaces apartments in Melbourne, Australia, are one such example. Movable walls can be used to open up a living space or cut it in two to create a bedroom area with a pull down bed and storage units.Read More

Concept shelter would pop-up in an emergency

Turkish design practice Designnobis has produced an interesting concept for a pop-up shelter, dubbed Tentative, that features a fiberglass roof and floor, and tent-like weather-resistant fabric walls. Though still in the early stages of development and thus lacking in some hard details, the compact shelter shows promise thanks to its dramatically decreased size when in transportation.Read More

Skyscraper made of shipping containers envisaged for Mumbai

Though we appreciate shipping container-based architecture when it's done right, the ubiquitous metal boxes don't seem a good basis for a skyscraper. Still, the dream of a container tower refuses to die, and international firm Ganti and Associates Design has taken a crack at designing a structurally viable and sustainable container skyscraper for the Dharavi slum in Mumbai, India.Read More


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