Flexible apartment meets family's changeable needs

Casa MJE, by Spanish firm PKMN Architectures, is a flexible vacation home that aims to ensure every last inch of space is made available to its owners. Featuring clever movable walls and folding furniture, the apartment can be configured to offer two bedrooms, one bedroom, or no bedrooms at all.Read More

Apple reportedly landing second Silicon Valley "spaceship"

It appears that Apple is planning to land another "spaceship" on Silicon Valley. According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the tech giant has secured a deal for an already-approved development in Sunnyvale, California. Assuming the report is accurate and all goes to plan, the project will provide Apple with a sustainable campus that boasts space for over 3,000 employees. Read More

Penda's Rising Canes Pavilion promotes bamboo-based construction

Chinese architecture and design collective Penda reckons bamboo should be a more widespread construction material than it currently is. To promote this view, the firm produced a pavilion, dubbed Rising Canes, for this year's Beijing Design Week. The installation comprises a prototype bamboo framework that Penda envisions as a basis for a modular housing system in the future.Read More

Zinc-clad artist’s studio stands in and against the elements

Zinc is the 24th most abundant element on Earth and as an architectural material it offers an extremely durable, corrosion resistant, easy to maintain surface that can be used to cover and create buildings in ways mostly limited by imagination. Studio Weave fully embraced these metallic, weather busting properties when it created Midden Studio, an artist’s workspace clad entirely in zinc that's tucked away on the west coast of Scotland.Read More

Lucas Museum design gets the remastering treatment

New designs for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA) have been released by MAD Architects. The building's size has been reduced by around 25 percent to 300,000 sq ft (27,870 sq m). It retains its distinctive undulating look and circular observation deck, however.Read More

Rain Garden: the vertical garden that uses no power

Vertical gardens may look great, but they typically require constant maintenance, automated or otherwise. Urban greening firm Treebox, however, has unveiled a new vertical garden than looks after itself. The Rain Garden uses no power and is sustained solely by rainwater.Read More

Dublin considers modular homes for the homeless

According to the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE), there were 607 families in emergency accommodation in Dublin during August this year. One means of reducing this, it says, could be the use of modular housing. It can be built quickly and inexpensively to house homeless families temporarily.Read More

Slovenian alpine shelter is not for the faint hearted

Slovenian architectural firm OFIS recently teamed up with AKT II engineers and design students from Harvard Graduate School of Design to create an innovative alpine shelter. Located amid the harsh mountaintops of Mount Skuta in Slovenia, the new shelter replaces a rusty 50 year old bivouac (storm refuge) and provides humble accommodation for up to eight hikers. Perched amid an extreme alpine environment, the modular shelter was broken down into three sections and flown into its new home by helicopter.Read More


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